Grading Rubric: Lab Engagement and Professionalism

[printfriendly] The evaluation rubric for all FHP labs will be conducted according to the following rubric:

Rubric 0: Fail 1: Poor 2: Satisfactory 3: Good 4: Excellent
Quality of Participation during Lab No Participation. Substandard effort, late greater than 10 minutes, inappropriate attire, not following lab rules, unprepared, not engaged. Average effort, late less than 10 minutes, missing two or more of required attire or resource elements, mostly not engaged. Good effort, on time, mostly follows lab rules, missing one of required attire or resource elements, somewhat engaged. Excellent, on time, follows lab rules, full FHP uniform, brought required resources, active engagement in peer practice and debriefing sessions.

Fall 2016 Orientation

The Fanshawe FHP 2016-2017 orientation will be taking place:

  • Date: September 6th, 2016
  • Time: 6-7:30 PM
  • Location: M2017

Lab Rules

Fitness (C1047) Lab Rules

The Fitness Lab (C1047) is not intended for use without supervision. An approved Fitness and Health Promotion (FHP) technician and/or faculty member must be present at all times during its use.

  1. With the exception of water and shaker bottles, no food or drink will be allowed within the Fitness (C1047) Lab.
  2. Winter clothes, boots, outdoor shoes, bags and any other possessions unrelated to the Fitness Lab must be kept outside of the lab. Day lockers are available.
  3. An FHP shirt and appropriate athletic attire, including closed toe shoes should be worn when using the Fitness Lab.
  4. Safe use, including appropriate weight selection and proper form, of all equipment must be practiced within the Fitness Lab.
  5. All equipment must be returned to its original position after use.
  6. All equipment must be cleaned (i.e. wiped down with available spray solution and paper towels) after use.
  7. Horseplay and rowdy behavior is forbidden.
  8. Music must be pre-approved by an FHP technician and/or faculty member before playing. The music volume should not interfere with other learning environments within the area.

Failure to follow the above rules may result in removal from the Lab space.

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