READ ME: Changes to Lab Website
Week of Jan 16-22nd, 2017: Booking Calendar & Program Design updates
  • New online booking calendar added to site
  • Master lab bookings available at:
  • Added an infraction counter to lab infraction table
  • Added a searchable database tool to accompany program design platform
  • Fixed issue of not being able to add exercises in dynamic mobility, cardio or flexibility
  • Continued to evolve the PHRE 3017 data collection form and summary tools
Jan 7th, 2017: 1-RM Calculator
  • Added a 1-RM calculator (also will estimate various loads from 1 – 15 reps)
Dec 23rd, 2016: Changes to Program Design Tool
  • Program design function
    • Program Day and Day of the Week are now checkbox fields
    • Name of the workout becomes a mandatory field when resistance training is selected
    • Power and Corrective were removed as program blocks
    • Resistance training order will now print in numerical order (no need to list the exercises in order when designing a program, as long as you have order specified in the dropdown)
    • New smart search included for resistance training
    • Best practice guidelines added to both cardio and resistance training
    • New RPE options included for aerobic intensity
      • Rest intervals have an intensity attached
    • Flexibility now defaults to suggesting 10-30 seconds hold for each stretch
    • Notes option for aerobic and flexibility are set to create a master note (as opposed to notes for each individual entry)
  • On printout
    • New design
    • Weekly schedule is now compiled in a simple table
    • Page breaks occur after each individual day
Nov 14th, 2016: Changes to Program Design Tool
  • Client information
    • Info only available and needs to be completed when inputting day 1 of a client’s program
    • Additional notes will now print on a client’s program
    • Diet information now added as an option
  • Program Design
    • Missing Exercises: Exercise missing from database? Use ‘custom’ then write it under notes.
    • Timed exercises: Isometric exercises can now be listed as held for time
    • Interval cardio: When designing interval cardio, target intensity can now be selected from a drop-down
  • Printing: Multi-day programs can now be saved as a single file/pdf! In order to print a multi-day program, please ensure the client name is written exactly the same on all days of your program.