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As a field experience course, you will be evaluated weekly on 3 separate outcomes:

  • Professionalism: on-time, in uniform, appropriate language, keep work area neat and tidy
  • Communication: exercise cueing, on-going dialogue during session
  • Technical Proficiency: program design, spotting, load progression/regressions


Target Population: 18 – 30 year old, healthy adults
Professor: Graeme Thomas

Lab Schedule

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FLDP-3032-01-20FOnline | VariesSarah KingNone
FLDP-3032-02-20FOnline | VariesSarah KingNone
FLDP-3032-03-20FOnline | VariesSarah KingNone

1CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 2019-goal is hypertrophy
-teach form for ex. . . . deadlift
-use straps for deadlift
-use Instagram for contact
1No ShowSeptember 24, 2019-First initial assessment, did not show . . . up or contact me until I contacted her1CompletedSeptember 24, 201918 Years Old/Jamaica
Basketball . . . Player
Wants to obtain lean mass through exercise
Had problem with left hamstring, fine now but would like to build up strength that will be even with other leg.
Wants to improve vertical, and overall leg strength as well.
Wants to improve core strength, and overall upper body strength to hopefully improve playing ability.
1CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 2019NO pro powder strong
I chose this . . . workout because I want to increase her functional movement capacity, and strength overall1No ShowSeptember 24, 2019Client did not show up for first . . . exercise1CompletedSeptember 24, 2019Runs Cross Country with the college
Can . . . train only a couple times per week
Resistance train only with trainer
1CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 2019novice
I chose this workout because I . . . want to increase her functional movement capacity1CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 2019

Had fun awesome client

1CompletedSeptember 24, 2019Did basic assessments (weight, height), . . . Basic screening (FMS).
Was in Police Foundations for a year, currently working at a job that has something to do with it.
1CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 2019Running half marathon in October, wants . . . to get toned, doesn’t like planks1CompletedSeptember 24, 2019session went well, my client performed . . . the assessments really well. Got to know a little bit about him, he has a test in exercise physiology test tomorrow. Talked about what we will be doing throughout our session, I proposed a push, pull, leg program and he was fine with doing that.1CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 2019Awesome client super open on trying . . . everything clear explaining her goals1CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 2019Weight loss (number on the scale) very . . . important1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019likes to train 4 day/week
has two kids . . . (2 and 3 months)1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019In the initial assessment meeting I had . . . discovered alot about Jenn. I had learned that she has five kids who live at her home full time. Two of those kids being 8 and 6. She has access to commercial fitness facilities (Fit4Less and the gym at the school) however she has a fear of intimidation because there are people of much bigger size who go there the same time as her. I asked her if she would like to workout in a more confined space and she said that was no problems for her. I had Jenn further elaborate on her ulcer condition and she said that it is more of a dietary issue and is no problem in terms of working out. However I had asked if there was things that she wanted to tell me but didnt. At first she had said no but I had discovered that she has low blood pressure. I also found out this was persistent and nothing abnormal. I then had Jenn proceed to a movement assessment.
Had client do deadlifts to assess her hinge movements. She performed a DB deadlift and not a barbell deadlift. This was because she has not done deadlifts for a long time. I really need to focus on getting the hinge pattern down with her as I noticed her back was rounding even with DB deadlifts. In terms of my personal growth I think Jenn needs a lot of cueing in the sense of not rounding her back during deadlifts and getting her to squat more. Had client squat. She was able to just hit 90 range of motion. Needs strength to hold longer. Had client lunge with her body weight. I noticed adequate range of motion in her legs however there is a tiny bit of asymmetries. I believe this could easily be done with one week -containing corrective work. Preferrably the lower body day probably to make things a bit easier on my end. From a programming prospective and sessions going forward I believe good points of interest would be to have her focus on grip strength by doing things like the farmers walk in the hopes of getting her to feel competent in touching a BB to do a deadlift somewhere down the line. I was very surprised at her core stabilization. This was a good indication that I need to make planking more difficult for her. Going forward in terms of improving her core I may only get her to keep planking but with a weight on her back. If that is too easy for her then I will likely progress into side planks. Will get Jenn to verify this session next week
1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019likes to train 6 day/week
wants to . . . compete next November
likes the aronald’s methods
go to start next bulk in October
1CompletedSeptember 26, 2019Initial meeting
Wants to work on 1RM. . . . She also wants to get cardiovascular improved before next semester. Also wants weight loss. Wants to be more toned and would consider cardiovascular improvements as a priority.
Back home she is at New Heights Fitness. It has a crossfit facility in the back. Has an open gym. She did personal training back home and does go to the fanshawe facility. The biggest barrier that Keira experiences is the motivation going to the gym since coming to Fanshawe. She does not like the fact that this gym is relatively busy. Has no problems in working in a more open space. Has no current injuries. However had knee surgery two years ago. Advised me of asymmetries while lunging. Has been through physio considers every major lift fine since surgery and doing physio. Perfers to do biking for cardio and does not like to run.
Did a squat with a 25 pound weight. Needs to be coached on the tempo of her reps. Would definitely benefit from doing exercises slower to get an endurance gain. Was able to grab a barbell for deadlifting. Can demonstrate good form for weight lifting. There was no problems in terms of back rounding during her form. I progressed her to loaded weight for her deadlift. She had put 15 pound weights on each side. Had no problems in terms of rounding her back this time around. Also assessed her plank stability. She was able to plank for 32 seconds. However advised me that she did core today. Let her know that we would likely be planking again next week to get a more accurate representation of core stabilization. Assessed lunging: Her representation was quite accurate as I did notice some asymmetrical issues with her Right leg – my right leg but likely her left. Assessed pushups. She could really benefit from coaching tempo in order to get the maximum effect of those exercises. Is most familiar with tricep pushups on her knees. Has never heard of clap pushups before. Noticed a lack of knowledge overall because she did not understand what I meant by core rotational exercises. Did Russian twists in order for me to assess core rotation: She used 15 pound weights. She needs to be coached on breathing and can definitely progress from Russian twists. Likes barbell squats deadlifts and chest presses.
1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019I forgot to get him to sign and I’m sad . . . about it1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019The session was completed by taking . . . assessment which is going to help me for creating exercise protocol for my client.1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019Low confidance.
Pain in back, head and . . . right knee
Ex athlete that stopped due to concussion
1No ShowSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019Assessment of client was done in session . . . and depending on assessment i will creat exercise program.1CompletedSeptember 26, 2019Tendinitis – inside of both knees – both . . . knees hurt when squatting. has seen physiotherapist.1CompletedSeptember 27, 2019Soccer player
Her cardio is not the . . . best
Season is over
2CompletedOctober 1, 2019Enjoyable session. Talked about the . . . fundamentals of hypertrophy – TUT, recovery, sleep, nutrition. Jacob asked a lot of questions regarding proper form and technique.2CompletedOctober 1, 2019-first workout
-no resistance for leg . . . extension
-pall of press with 4kg kettlebell
2No ShowOctober 1, 2019My client didn’t show up for the . . . exercise sessio1CompletedOctober 1, 2019-Really bad knee problems, so I need to . . . be cautious of that2CompletedOctober 1, 2019Form was great. No low back pain on any . . . exercises.1CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20191CompletedOctober 1, 20191CompletedOctober 1, 2019– hypertrophy is her goal in this . . . class
– be careful of hip and right knee
-2 or 3 full body workouts
-just getting into fitness
-do not put lunges in program unless form is progressed. FMS scores: L-2, R-1
1CompletedOctober 1, 2019History of hockey, rugby, and football – . . . anything where violence is acceptable!
Conflicting goals – stated hypertrophy was a goal, but only wants to train for power, ie, 2-4 rep range.
I feel I’ll have to find something new and more challenging for him each week or his attention will be gone.
2CompletedOctober 1, 2019During the workout stations for ‘let . . . pull down’ and ‘seated row’ was busy so, I had to do the shoulder exercises first.1No ShowOctober 1, 2019Client did not come until 01:15 p.m. so . . . session status is no show.1CompletedOctober 1, 2019I assessed her briefly to know what to . . . avoid , what her goals are and what to take care while making a plan for exercise sessions. I started an initial session with her but she gets tired easily.
I needed to do some modifications.
2CompletedOctober 1, 2019

Great form. No pain during movements.

2CompletedOctober 1, 20191CompletedOctober 1, 20191CompletedOctober 1, 2019First session with the client went well. . . . All the necessary information was logged, and looking forward to developing an effective and reliable program for my client for our first training session.2CompletedOctober 1, 2019Session went well with the client. . . . Looking forward to the next time we train2CompletedOctober 1, 2019Nam is a beginner, overhead movements . . . such as Arnold presses and Lat Pulldowns are hard for her. I should stick with easy movements. Nam would benefit from more core strength and stability work along with movement and form coaching before strength training, which is her final goal. Nam can curl 5 lbs 8 times, pull 20 lbs 6 times, push 5 lbs do a cable fly the training bar doesn’t fit on the bench racks and dumbells and hard for her to keep straight if cable is broken tie thara bands to the rack and have her pull those together or half kneeling 1 arm chest press works out arms and only needs 1 cable suspended push up with TRX
I chose this workout because Nam had mentioned lower reps are better for her and I thought this would work because she wants to build straight too.
2CompletedOctober 1, 2019Evelyn doesn’t like split squats
she can . . . deadlift 135 lbs 6 time
push 25 lbs 6 times
pull 40 lbs 6 times
her from may benefit from anti-rotation workouts
do supermans with her in a cool down in the future
Do a 1 arm chest press if trainer is using the other weight
I chose these workouts to help Evelyn build her strength she took a break from working out but is still fit and can lift heavier weights. I think next time I will avoid split squats.
1CompletedOctober 1, 2019Willing client.
Wants to use program I . . . make for week.
Soccer games Wed and Sat.
2CompletedOctober 1, 2019She really liked the assisted chin ups . . . because she can’t do chin up with just body weight. Didn’t love the bench press because she’s not super strong at it, but wants to keep working it.2CompletedOctober 1, 2019She wants to run a duathlon. She . . . definitely needs some coordination drills. Arms and legs don’t move in opposite direction. She has no unit on her body. Her pattern of running movement are poor. She loved the workout. But she asked me to put some boxing.2CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20192CancelledOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 2019In the future he prefers seated shoulder . . . press rather than standing. Changed barbell bench press to dumbbell bench press because they were in use. Changed dumbbell biceps curl to barbell biceps curl because that is what he is more comfortable with. Changed the order and did curls before seated row because the machine was being used. Cut medicine ball toe touches from the workout due to time. References for future workouts:
Bench Press: 3 sets 8 reps 45 lbs dumbbells
Shoulder Press: 1 set 10 reps 25 lbs dumbbells, 2 sets 10 reps 20 lbs dumbbells
Skull crushers: 3 sets 8 reps 30 lbs barbell, it was it first time doing this workout so he went with a lighter weight, he said he will be able to do 40 lbs in the future
Face pulls: 3 sets 10 reps 50 lbs
Tricep extension (pulldown): 3 sets 10 reps 50 lbs, will have to drop the weight down a little more because he was still using some shoulder instead of just triceps
Row: 3 sets 10 reps 90 lbs
Biceps curl: 3 sets 10 reps 50 lbs barbell
2CompletedOctober 1, 2019Just a little bit hard to queue, as far . . . corrections to form goes1CompletedOctober 1, 20191CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20191CompletedSeptember 24, 20191CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 2019Session went really well today. I . . . originally wanted to do bench press as our first exercise but he told me about the scoliosis he had and the difficulty he faced when using the barbell for bench. I adjusted to using dumbbells which he was more comfortable with and proceeded with the planned workout. I notice he is a quiet person, doesn’t really initiate conversation but if asked questions, will start to open up. something I want to focus on with Stefan is control through his movements, a few times I had to correct his pace, but near the end he started to be more controlled through his movements. Taking him through the Bird Dog and Pallof press I could tell there was some instability with his intrinsic core muscles. Through the remainder of our sessions I am going to gear the end of the workout to some core stability because I think he will really benefit from it. Other than that it was a good session, I could tell he was pushing himself and not just going through the motion. From a safety standpoint, I am going to keep a close eye on any shoulder or back pain from the scoliosis1CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20191CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 2019Had to cut the workout a little short . . . because we ran out of time, had to skip the crunches.
Client was enthusiastic and open with conversation, likes and dislikes of the program.
Too long of rest time, client physically seemed okay to continue but for their goal longer rest time in recommended. May have to alter program with the amount of exercises and increase the load so that all of the rest time is used/needed.
2CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 2019First time trying exercise a little . . . rocky at the start, little bit of language barrier as for as queuing for correcting goes which made it a little alot easier during the end2CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 2019She really liked T-bar row and assisted . . . pushups. She disliked tricep extension. She was very slow moving through each movement, need to work on moving a little quicker.1No ShowOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 2019I had arrived early for the session. I . . . had learned that Jennifer also has a learning disability and she struggles with math classes. I had also learned that FHP has changed drastically since my first year here, in the sense that math has ‘lab’ classes. Jenn had elaborated that there was just tutorials for how to go over the concepts covered in class. She had also talked about the strike that could be happening with Educational staff in post secondary. She said it sounds like a decision will be made on Friday and that the supposed walkout was going to happen this Monday. This session and future sessions going forward will have an aerobic and dynamic warm up. For todays session I had Jenn walking as part of her aerobic warm up to prepare her for the workout itself which I knew would take more effort out of her. For the dynamic warm up some of the exercises were based on the assessment I did last week as well as warming up her body for future portions of todays workout. Such that, having Jenn perform a Farmers Walk was based off of knowledge that I had gained from last week. This was because of when I had her perform a deadlift to assess her hinge she did not feel competent enough to grab a barbell. I recall her grabbing a dumbbell instead. The farmers walk was for her to gain the strength to potentially grab a barbell on her own down the road. The bodyweight squats and Trunk Twists were to warm her body up and familiarize her for what was coming up. Before talking about the exercise choices I want to add that the reason why I had structured my first session the way that I did was because I wanted to see what her rep threshold was. (I had her do 20 reps of most of my exercises for two sets). Anyways in the assessment I had gathered that Jenn really likes to run. With this in mind I had programmed the agility ladder in order to best simulate running and because it was to my understanding she wanted cardiovascular improvements. I had programmed the Hip Bridge based on the assessment I had conducted. In addition this is because I noticed when she was using DBs for deadlifts even at that point her back was rounding excessively. I could see her lower back almost peaking. This gave me a great indication that she needed to get the hip hinge pattern down first before even considering moving upward to something a lot more rigorous on her body. I know in my assessment I had noted asymmetries in her lunges. However, I realized after today all she needs is that bit of extra coaching and redirection. Yes, the exercise on the cable was a tricep kickback. Next week now obtaining knowledge about her rep threshold I will be changing all exercises so that they do not exceed 15 repetitions. In lieu of this and the comments Sarah had posted: I will also be allowing Jenn to have longer rest times. I think my new plan is for her to have 45 seconds of rest instead of 30 seconds. In addition, I think I am going to add a single leg bridge -with less reps as she herself informed me this would be a challenge for her. (thinking maybe 10 reps) and incorporating RDLs as she did demonstrate a good hinge when doing regular bridges today.2No ShowOctober 3, 2019Keira did not show up this week. She has . . . requested two sessions next week.2CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 2019Couldnt finish session.She was feeling . . . dizzy and nauseous. I sat her down, gave her water. And she wasn’t feeling well enough to finish session.2CompletedOctober 3, 2019Took out shoulder press out , wanted to . . . focus on Mels form more with other exercises , would not of had enough time2CompletedOctober 3, 2019I decided to remove doing the barbell . . . deadlift because when warming up I screened the movement to see if she was able to do it and it was hard for her to comprehend the movement. I tried multiple times to explain it and help but I thought it would be easier to remove it rather than add weight to a movement she had difficulty doing. In the future we can come back to the movement and try again.2CompletedOctober 3, 2019It was a lower limb dominant session . . . with combination of some core ex.2CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 2019Great session. I am felling very well. . . . Good exercises for my body.2CompletedOctober 3, 20191CompletedOctober 3, 2019-client preferred deadlifts over hip . . . bridge
– had mobility issues with hinge pattern. Changed to kettlebell swing
-had mobility issues with lung pattern
– felt lightheaded during airdadine bike intervals had to cut session
2CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 2019I had to change the order of two of my . . . exercises because the machines were in use. Instead of doing the seated row before lat pull down, I had to switch the order.1CompletedOctober 3, 2019– client didn’t prefer landmine squat so . . . changed to goblet squat
– Elevated heels on squat to improve form
– Good form in hinge patters
-Wants to have more nutrition coucelling and advice throughout term
1CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20192CancelledOctober 3, 2019


2CancelledOctober 3, 2019

Client texted me – not feeling well

1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20191CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 2019Sore right bicep due to carrying . . . groceries2CompletedOctober 3, 2019It was good sessions and learnt many new . . . things .1CompletedOctober 3, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 2019

Season starts in 3

2CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 2019

It was good session with my trainer.

1CompletedSeptember 26, 20191CompletedOctober 3, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20191CompletedSeptember 26, 2019


2CompletedOctober 3, 2019

Complete Movement Screening

2CompletedOctober 4, 2019

signature did not save

3CompletedOctober 8, 2019I had to make changes in the sequences . . . of the excercises as the equipments were busy. Moreover the treadmill was busy as there was some examination going on in the room so we took cycle for the warmup.
And my client did the leg exercise day before, as his muscles were sour so we skip the leg press.
2CompletedOctober 1, 20192CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019-she used the bike instead of jogging . . . since the treadmills were already taken
– switched first and second exercise order because the racks were being used at the beginning
– added 10 lbs plate onto her back for the last two push up sets. She does lots of push ups and we want to keep the rep range between about 8-12 reps, so I added resistance.
3CompletedOctober 8, 2019Had to correct dumbbell deadlifts due to . . . a bit of back pain, after correction it felt fine and back didn’t hurt. Other than that she had a great workout.3CompletedOctober 8, 20192CancelledOctober 8, 2019Emily is very sick and couldn’t make it . . . but gave me notice3CompletedOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 8, 2019Ankle pain improving. Calf raises were . . . good.3CompletedOctober 8, 2019row 60lbs
fly 15 x2
no lateral . . . lunges
pall off press 20lbs x12
I chose these workouts to help Evelyn with her core stability, poster, and overall strength
3CompletedOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019I feel these workouts were good for Nam . . . as they have helped here functional movement capacity, strength, poster, and balance.
I have already seen improvements in her mobility and it may only be a month or so of conditioning and training before she can progress to more weigh and more exercise independents as of now she requires detailed instructions and form reminders
I chose this workout because I want to increase her functional movement capacity
hip hinge 35lbs
chin ups 10lbs
side plank 30sec
3CompletedOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 8, 2019Evan likes to ref hockey in his spare . . . time.
Evan stayed he enjoyed this workout, it was stuff that he doesn’t usually do but would maybe mix it into his regular routine in the future. He was taking selfies by the end of the session.
2No ShowOctober 8, 2019-not sure if she forgot or if she didn’t . . . know she was suppose to come at 1P.2No ShowOctober 8, 2019

Client did not come until 1.15 pm.

3CompletedOctober 8, 2019Session was good. She did upper body . . . yesterday so we did lighter to moderate weight.3CompletedOctober 8, 2019Session went well with client, may need . . . to elevate feet when participating in a squat. It appeared as those the clients heels were lifting, and I feel it will be appropriate to have that addition in the future.2CompletedOctober 8, 2019Session went well with client for first . . . physical exercise with one another. He appeared quite well versed in the movements we went through, and was open to increasing weight for exercise, and trying some unfamiliar movements that can help him reach his goal more efficiently.3CompletedOctober 8, 2019Worked in a higher rep range due to . . . Delayed onset muscle soreness2CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019Todays session did not go anywhere close . . . to how I had hoped. I will further elaborate as I write this. I had arrived early today and Keira had asked me what I was going to have her do today. I had told her that I was going to be working her legs a bit. She had also said that she did legs and core yesterday at the gym. Keira did not elaborate, so I decided to carry on like I would have in the perfect and ideal scenario. I had programmed the warm up to get Keiras body accustomed to what was going to be coming up in the workout portion of the program for today. While I had walked Keira through the agility ladder I had told her to perform a ‘hop scotch’ motion and keep going for 90 seconds without stopping. She was surprisingly able to do the task fine. However, I seen her abilities start to deteriorate. The second exercise that I had her doing was plyo/clap pushups. This was because I wanted to get additional judgement calls on her abilities and the perception of what she believes to be her current level of abilities. While doing the clap pushups I had to regress to normal pushups (as I found out that she could not even do one) and even then that was difficult for her. In summary I had gathered not to trust her client history form at all and recognize that she is and should be considered a novice client that has a marginalized background. The next exercise I had her doing was the squat thrusts. Based on the assessments I had gathered that she likes to perform exercises with a heavy amount of tempo. I wanted to see if that claim would remain consistent. This turned out to be true. So, i decided to cue Keira in a sense of having her hold the concentric position for 4 seconds before performing the eccentric motions and that counting as one rep. I believe that this made the exercise much better and more effective. The next exercise that I had her doing is the dumbbell chest press. I had encountered a scenario that I never had happen (both last year when I took this course and at Hutton House). Such that, I had seen J- Hooks and the rack with a barbell not being put away from what sounds to be another person using it prior to us. So, I had Keiras help to move the barbell and we carried on with the dumbbells. She had grabbed 15 pound dumbbells to use. Even with that I could see the sweat pouring out of her. Following that exercise Keira had asked me if there was any way that the session could end 15 minutes early so that she could catch a bus to Masonville to get her dress for her high school graduation on Friday. I had attempted to do planks and she had said that she could not adequately perform planks because she could not contract her trapezius muscles and thought it was potentially due to having the barbell on her muscles during 1 RM testings. So, I had decided to have Keira do bridges instead as like a last resort. She said that it was hard doing the normal bridges. However, i seen good form so I wanted to see what a single set of single leg bridges with a leg raise would look like. I had done the stretches that I had planned and at the end she had promised me that she would be good to leave the lab at 6:45pm (we had 5 minutes to spare) and she wanted to do more so I went to the next least vigorous thing and did walking lunges with her bodyweight. Going forward prior to next session, I believe it is appropriate to establish mutual communication expectations with Keira in order to have the final two sessions with her at her optimum. One of those communication expectations may be to inform me promptly of anything that may influence her ability to exercise.3CompletedOctober 8, 2019some shoulder pain today but didn’t . . . effect workout
works at a kennel
3CompletedOctober 8, 2019Need to work on split patterns a little . . . more, he had some troubles with walking lunges and Bulgarian split squats. Has sprained his ankles multiple times in the past so less ankle mobility. Does not deadlift often, but form was still fairly good and I was able to load it. Changed seated leg curls to lying leg curls.
Weights for each exercise:
Back Squat 3 sets 8 reps 155 lbs
Deadlift 3 sets 8 reps 135 lbs
Dumbbell walking lunges 3 set 10 reps (5 per side) 35 lbs
Bulgarian split squat 3 sets 8 reps 15 lbs
Machine leg extension 3 sets 10 reps 75 lbs
Lying leg curl 3 sets 10 reps 75 lbs
Dumbbell calf raise 3 sets 12 reps 35 lbs
Pallof press 3 sets 15 reps 30 lbs
2CompletedOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 1, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019Client was not confortable with back . . . squat so instead we went with goblet squats. Also used foam roller at end3CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019

Workout #1

1CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019Mark did really well today, he was able . . . to complete all exercises very well without any difficulty. He did not experience any pain in his shoulder, and he would also like to start bench pressing. Mark told me his shoulder is a lot better and got cleared by the physician. He said he would like to stick with high reps and avoid heavy lifting3CompletedOctober 8, 2019Had to do just a push day because she . . . trained back the day before so had to add and take out exercises3CancelledOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019

really likes row and assisted push-ups

3CompletedOctober 8, 2019Great session today, Stefan did very . . . well with the deadlift and performing the technique effectively. When doing the pull-ups I introduced scapular depression to target his upper back and we had to use the band for some assistance so he could work on the technique. I had to use an alternative exercise for the face pull because the cable machines were busy. Instead we did a trx row with a similar movement as the face pull but moved the rep count to 12 instead of 10. We talked about how he was liking the program and he told me he is doing really well and a lot of the content is review for him. also throughout the session I discussed a lot of grip variations with the movements we did today, example (different deadlift grips, the benefits of supinated, pronated, and neutral grips for pull-ups, etc)2No ShowOctober 8, 2019

Never answered email

2CancelledOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 8, 2019Still need to work on for for some . . . exercises, specifically split patterns like lunges and deadlift, before I can load them heavier. Need to cure him multiple times for some things before he corrects his form. Doesn’t give much feedback for whether the weight is good or if its too heavy/light. Was not able to do single leg deadlifts, so I swapped that for normal deadlifts with a weighted dowel focusing more on getting the correct form.
Weights lifted
Goblet squat 3 sets 10 reps 15 lbs
Deadlift with weighted dowel, focus was form
Split squat 3 sets 10 reps 8 lbs
Incline chest press 3 sets 12 reps 10 lbs
Lateral shoulder raise 3 sets 12 reps 5 lbs
Bicep curl 3 sets 12 reps 10 lbs
Wood chopper 3 sets 12 reps 10 lbs
Plank 3 sets 30 second each
3CompletedOctober 8, 2019At the start i switch to stationary bike . . . because the treadmills were all taken, had to modify exercises closer to the end because of pain in low back(during lunges) which made me modify goodmornings(becasue of hindge) to step ups, switched over leg press because client could not push it with no weight, other than that easier to cue.2CompletedOctober 8, 2019Cole did really well today, he said that . . . all the exercises that we did together felt okay, and it did not bother his shoulder at all throughout the session. He would like to continue with the heavy lifting, but I still need to be cautious when assession exercises.3CompletedOctober 8, 20193CompletedOctober 8, 2019Did do variants of the exercises and . . . focused more on mobility and motor control to get better pattern function and muscle memory.2No ShowOctober 8, 20192CompletedOctober 9, 2019Lower body dominant day. Overall fairly . . . good session client needs to work on developing form particularly on the back squat. Moved well through most of the movements but often wanted to push more weight that he would likely be capable too. I had to cut back the weight several times during the session.2CompletedOctober 9, 2019Upper body dominant, pull day. Client . . . seems to be relatively strong, keen listener and happy to take corrections and advice. Likes the philosophy of developing form and completing good reps rather than going for more and more weight. Keen to learn further techniques to increase intensity.3CancelledOctober 10, 2019

Client cancelled

2CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193No ShowOctober 10, 2019

No email or reason

3No ShowOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 2019Fanshawe baseball team could be moving . . . on in playoffs, he helps manage
He plays magic
his birthday was over the weekend
4CompletedOctober 10, 2019To be honest this session i feel was . . . pretty identical compared to Tuesdays session. I had arrived early to the session. I had the focus to heed what Graeme had suggested in order for my grade to improve the next time I train Keira. I had tried to get her energized for the session saying that we were going to have fun. Further, I had even shown her the program that I had planned for her and empathized that it was very similar to crossfit and its structure. She had looked at it and said that she was good with everything I was having her do. I had even told her that I had incorporated an abdominal circuit and a superset for her arms. I had double checked to make sure that she was good with everything. She had expressed that she did not look at the program in depth. She had also stated that she was experiencing leg pain however said it was tolerable. I had told her throughout the program that I would be lowering rep expectations to 12 in order to accommodate this circumstance. I had programmed the agility ladder, dumbbell chest press and deadlift before the circuit and the superset. Keira had expressed that 90 seconds of the agility ladder was too long. She was very pleased that I shortened it to 60 seconds for the two sets. I had discovered more about Keira when I had her deadlift. Such that, the assessment data that I had gathered was inaccurate in the sense that she is actually capable (and is used to) deadlifting with 35lbs on each side of the bar. I had seen good form and challenged her to do the second set at a 5lb increase. For the abdominal circuit she said that she found it quite hard. Following the first round of the circuit Keira had asked for Russian Twists to be adjusted because her hips were sore. I had adapted and had her doing bicycle crunches instead in order to keep with the abdominal theme of the circuit. With the deadlifts and the goblet squats I had cued Keira to hold the downward phase for ~4 seconds before returning to the starting position. I had to explain to her how to do that once again as she had clarified that she does cross-fit and is used to fast paced style workouts and regimes. Following the session I had asked Keira what she liked and did not like about the last two workouts. She had mentioned that she did not like the clap pushups because she could not even do one and she feels that it was because of those that left her in chest pain. (Again she said that this was tolerable and she was okay with still working out). She also said that she wants to do powercleans at some point in the sessions. There is many many things that I question which is why I am quite hesitant in assigning power cleans to these programs. It is not that I have a problem verbally demonstrating a power clean. It is that under good judgement and good faith I feel that she is not capable of demonstrating effective repetitions. Evidence that I have to support this ranges from the fact that I would give her the most basic squats and physical exertion would even be evident from that. In addition, the first week that I had Keira as a client I had her doing 90 seconds on the agility ladder. She does demonstrate proper tempo for this exercise to be effective. However if she cannot (she almost did) demonstrate 90 full seconds on the agility ladder, how is she going to fare with that similar tempo being done repetitively not only unloaded but loaded? She only deadlifted with 35 lbs on the bar.. Even then the tempo for that was an issue. Could she even backsquat efficiently? Keira is also very very hard to read. My visual perception is that she does not want to participate in the sessions. She explicitly even said that she was just ‘trying to get the session done’. As I mentioned I have tried my very best to heed Graemes suggestion. However, I’m not sure how else to proceed with someone who does not give me much to work with. i.e. doesn’t reply to emails, doesn’t vocalize any injuries the night before or during the introduction etc. I am not sure how to break the news to her that i question her competence because she even struggles with ‘regressive’ exercises.2CompletedOctober 10, 2019-originally planned circuit workout but . . . client had sore legs and football game the following day
-changed to upper body
-client enjoyed bench press and row exercises
-client had pain during incline hammer curl so had to switch to standing and shorten ROM
3CompletedOctober 10, 2019

Great session!

3CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 2019

Switch bicycle crunch into McGill crunch

3CancelledOctober 10, 2019Emailed saying they were unable to . . . attend3No ShowOctober 10, 20193No ShowOctober 10, 20192CancelledOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 2019We did rack pull instead of deadlifts. . . . dead’s bother his hips
He’s from kingsville
He want to go to the Toronto body show
3CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CancelledOctober 10, 2019


1CompletedSeptember 26, 2019


3CompletedOctober 10, 2019


3CompletedOctober 10, 20191CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CancelledOctober 10, 2019

Client hurt hip

3CompletedOctober 10, 2019

It was good session .

3CompletedOctober 10, 2019Showed up at 6:07
Was at intramural . . . soccer game before coming
Squat weight – 125 lbs
Walking lunge – 25 lbs dumbbells
Leg extension – 65lbs – focussed on 3 second eccentrics
Leg curl – 50lbs – focussed on 3 second eccentrics
Calf raises – 20 lbs dumbbells
3CompletedOctober 10, 20193CancelledOctober 10, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20192CompletedOctober 10, 2019– good session
– client stated that they . . . enjoyed the circuit style training and wanted to do more
– had to change some exercises from the original plan due to traffic and equipment available in the gym
2CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 20193CompletedOctober 10, 2019

It was good session with smit

2CompletedOctober 10, 20193CancelledOctober 22, 20192CompletedOctober 22, 20193CancelledOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 2019– Went to Halloween haunt
– Getting kids . . . ready for Halloween aswell3CompletedOctober 22, 2019Client was happy with intensity of . . . workout, even though it was short.
Spent last 15 minutes discussing workout splits and answering questions.
4CompletedOctober 22, 2019Warm Up
-there was no treadmill or bike . . . available, so I got her to do high knees and butt kicks to warm up the same muscles (glutes, hamstrings, quads, gastroc.)
-after that, we finished the warm up with opposite hand and foot reach (what I call ‘Frankenstines’.
-the leg extension machine was not available when we wanted to use it, so I switched the order of that exercise and goblet squats
Cool down
-she did the lying glute stretch, instead of the lying quad stretch, which is what I had. I honestly don’t know why I made this change, it’s just what happened.
-then I added the standing quad stretch since I realized we had not stretched quads yet.
4CompletedOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 2019As some of the equipments were busy, I . . . had to make changes in the sequence of first two exercises.4CompletedOctober 22, 2019Good form. We did the shoulder over head . . . press in the squat rack, it was too heavy with just had so we switched to 20lb preload bar. No back pain3CancelledOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 2019Client had a minor injury over the . . . reading week so instead of doing squats I chose to do Romanian Dead lifts instead to ensure less ankle flexion and aggravate the ankle. I also supplemented leg extensions and Nordic hamstring curls instead of using the machine leg extensions and curls because they were occupied when we were going to use them.3CompletedOctober 22, 2019Jacob asks loads of very relevant . . . questions about form and maximizing performance.4CancelledOctober 22, 20193CompletedOctober 22, 2019Good session. Client appeared rather . . . fatigued coming in. Had minimal sleep and was rather exhausted. He did great though, and worked through that ands very cooperative and ambitious in regards to wanting to put forth the effort to workout.2CompletedOctober 22, 2019-changed to workout 2 (chest & . . . triceps) because she did legs yesterday and she’s fatigue
-couldn’t do incline chest press cause all benches were in use
3CompletedOctober 22, 2019Evan seemed pretty bummed he didn’t . . . reach a new 1RM bench press. We spoke about the importance of a strict pre lift protocol in the week/days leading up to the attempt.3No ShowOctober 22, 2019

Client did not come.

3CompletedOctober 22, 2019– used band with green handles to do the . . . pull a parts in warm up
– there was not a bench press available at the time we wanted it so we did goblet squat first, then pall of press
-we got to using the bench press for our third exercise
-I added in chest flies as the last exercise since we still had time, to work on the same muscles used in bench pressing and I wanted to end off on an easier exercise as opposed to bench pr.
4CompletedOctober 22, 2019I chose this workout because…
– The . . . band pull apart: has simple form which is appropriate for Nams current level of experience with fitness
– Machine leg curl and extension: They also have simple form
– Farmers walk: Because machine workouts usually do not require stabiliser muscles I thought this would be a good way to exercise them and help Nam gain some grip strength
-Band pull apart was good for Nam a thinker band would have been better maybe next time I could fold the band in half and use it folded to increase the resistance. Nam could pull the band apart 7 times but not 10. Find easier back workouts assisted pull ups seams to be the better choice so far maybe try a dynamic back extension at 10-15lbs .
-Take score from dowel hinge and compare to the initial evaluation
4CompletedOctober 22, 2019Deadlift 145lbsx6
She loves the arnold . . . presses I showed her 25×4 20×6
also she has injured her IT band and seems to be in a lot of pain and may try to conceal it. Avoid lunges split squats lateral lunges ( she says those are the only ones that effect her IT band but stay updated incase things change) and always ask her how it feels before after and/or during a workout
row 40lbs
Assisted chin ups 130lbs – 60lbs= 70lbsx6reps
I chose compound barbell based movements that fit her fitness level and help to improve her strength
in the future do less leg workouts to avoid aggravating her leg and ask what her physiotherapist says about her leg
4CompletedOctober 22, 2019– Legs hurt from squatting lab earlier . . . that day
– Really gave an overall really good effort
2CompletedOctober 22, 2019Session was great. Client achieved past . . . expectations, and exceeded the boundaries and was very enthusiastic about unfamiliar movements. Really looking forward to continuing our workouts and developing a proper and effective regime.4CompletedOctober 22, 2019Added chest flys and pat pull down into . . . workout because we were ahead of schedule4CompletedOctober 22, 2019We had to change the workout to upper . . . body instead because she did legs yesterday and was too sore.4CancelledOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 2019Injured his elbow in high school, . . . doesn’t hurt while he’s working out but his motor control and coordination are a little off while doing some exercise, like the chest fly.
Weights lifted:
Barbell bench press 3 sets 8 reps 115 lbs
Skullcrushers 3 sets 8 reps 40 lbs bar
Bent over row 3 sets 10 reps 50 lbs bar
Dumbbell fly 3 sets 10 reps 15 lbs
Seated shoulder press 3 sets 10 reps 30 lbs dumbbells
1 arm row 3 sets 10 reps 25 lbs dumbbells
Bicep curls 3 sets 10 reps 50 lbs bar
Bicycle crunch 3 sets 20 reps (10 per side)
3CompletedOctober 8, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 2019Todays session I feel went relatively . . . okay. Though, I am not sure why my average is lower. The warm up seemed to be quicker than I had hoped. However, I am glad that I had structured it in such a way to prepare her for the more rigorous movements coming up. The agility ladder, i feel went too long as the initial exercise. I believe 60 seconds is enough time for Jenn to get enough cardiovascular progress. I was aware of Jenns legs bothering her from doing deadlifts in lab yesterday. However, I had decided to proceed with my plan to progress with deadlifting with different materials. Such that, I had used one of those black weighted barbells in the lab. I was surprised to hear that her legs actually were better from doing deadlifts with her. I think i am going to try and progress her and get her to using a barbell just with minimal reps. I am happy to see her progress and can see Farmers Walk as being useful for her and will definitely keep that. With regard to the Bicep Curl I was so surprised that she was willing to push herself on her own and progress the weight. As she usually gets 8-10lbs. Tricep pushdowns I wanted to push her because I was amazed with what I seen in Bicep Curls. I also thought with Tricep Pushdown being an isolated movement that would also be a good place to push her more.The bridge also had improved, however i think she needs to stick with it as it is pretty advanced as is.4CompletedOctober 22, 2019Really liked landmine corner press and . . . using free weights, she doesn’t normally use free equipment
Did her half marathon on Sunday
No preference for next week’s workout
Sarah said do land mine thing with twist instead of throwing for power next time
4CompletedOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 20193CancelledOctober 22, 2019Cancelled because he had to go to the . . . police station for his background clearance for his work.4CompletedOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 2019Went well had to to facepulls before . . . pull downs and rows before becasue they where occupied, deadlifts were like light to learn movement4CompletedOctober 22, 20194CancelledOctober 22, 2019

Client cancelled this morning

2CompletedOctober 22, 20193CompletedOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 2019Did not like stability ball leg . . . curl
Liked deadlift walking lunge superset
Pain in left shoulder so we stopped the carry early
Said she had DOMS last time and was sore for a few days
Was getting fatigued so just did two sets for most of the exercises
4CompletedOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 20194CancelledOctober 22, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 2019Last set of circuit we did 45’s for each . . . movement
he’s going out for Halloween with his kids
He is feeling good about this semester
4CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 2019Lots of corrective movements and . . . regressions5CompletedOctober 24, 2019Todays session with Jenn I didn’t think . . . was going to happen. As time dragged on I questioned weather or not Jenn would show. I had questioned a first year student and asked if there was a math test as I knew that she was on time and a half for math as per her accommodations. I was happy to see her come period even though she was late. For the warm up I had her on the treadmill. This is because – Not only to take advice from Sarahs comments- but because I had felt she was ready for it also. My warmup for Jenn consisted of: Farmers Walk, Fire Hydrants, Calf Raises and Pull Aparts. I believe the Farmers Walk has come a long way with Jenn in terms of how much she can tolerate the kettlebells before it is considered ‘too much’ for her. The other three exercises were to adequately warm her body up for what was to come in the session. My program despite having to cut Facepulls, Bridging and Leg drops out due to time constraints I feel went really well. I had kept the bigger compound movements in the program and I feel that in itself was quite sufficient. Jenn had demonstrated good form during the cable rows. One thing that I have loved about working with Jenn is that she wants to do good – not trying to be punny because of her last name, but she really does take dedication in going to the gym. One thing I knew was going to be a risk was the PushUps with the Shoulder Taps. I knew her disability was classified as a learning disability but I only am starting to get the hang of where her ‘cognitive disadvantages’ come from. That said, once Jenn had educated me about how this would impact her cognition I had just given her visuals of what shoulders to tap during the exercise and I feel that went much better than it probably ever could have if i did not come up with the idea. When I was supposed to be doing Tricep Pushdowns with Jenn I had seen that literally all the cable machines were in use. I have to give myself credit for using the gym environment to my advantage and my knowledge that I have in having her do skullcrushers as an ‘adaptation’ but still working the same muscle group. One other thing I want to touch on is having Jenn doing the plank with the weight on her back. I think that I am going to have her do that again next week as she made it very clear to me that it was ‘torturous’. Next week, I feel confident enough to have Jenn at least attempt to use a barbell for deadlifts but just with minimal reps with minimal weight so she can get used to it.4CompletedOctober 24, 2019When I cued to hinge , she didnt really . . . dont.
Weights could have been higher but she insisted the weight was too heavy .
3CompletedOctober 24, 2019– Good session
– Interval training on . . . asualt bike, steady state on rower, and core training
-Based steady state session on rower rpm rather than HR
– Clients form was off at beginning of rowing exercise but was corrected
-Gradually increased speed on rowing machine throughout 10 min steady state
-Client enjoyed the session
4CompletedOctober 24, 2019

I feel my body very good.

5CompletedOctober 24, 2019This session was by far the best session . . . that I have had with Keira. I am not sure what it was. To be honest if I had to guess I think that it is because I showed her a video on my Instagram of me standing independently while at my physiotherapy. I have been trying for ages to find a way for her to appreciate the small steps and why I get her to do the exercises that I have with her and for her to build up her self efficacy by seeing someone at a ‘disadvantage’ do so well and making insane progress. I was very very surprised to see her attention be grasped to the video and how genuinely happy she was. It felt like the atmosphere was different altogether. I had Keira dead lifting 40 pounds last week. With some reminding of tempo afterword I seen some very good form. With that said I progressed her to 45lbs on each side of the bar. She was not able to complete all of the reps within each set. I think it was predominantly due to her hands being sweaty (at least that is what she told me). I do not think it was to do with me – though I could be wrong, as I only progressed her a little bit. She went to the mixed grip option and experienced the same results. Later in the session I also had Keira do cable rows. I started her at 30lbs and she had told me that her back was stronger than I thought. I asked her what she was used to doing normally and she said 60lbs and she said that she found that relatively okay so I progressed her to 70lbs for the second set. While my hand was in between her shoulder blades I had felt the sweat on her back and actual squeezing of her shoulder blades. It was nice to see her willing to be pushed just a tad extra. I think for next session, I need to get more familiar with how to use some of the equipment in order to minimalize any injuries. I feel like the exercises went really well today (probably cause of the video I showed and her actually listening for once). I think she is ready for more complex movements. However she needs constant ‘reminding’ so she doesn’t get easily distracted.4CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20192CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 2019I had leg extension as a prt of my . . . training program but had difficulty with the hight of the machine (it was too high for my client), so I switched to split squats to work on the quads, hams and gluts.4No ShowOctober 24, 20194No ShowOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 2019Got his tattoo finished . . . (Lighthouse)
Just relaxed over the break with his dog
4CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 2019Was unable to do 15 pounds for dumbbell . . . curl as he back was swinging on rep 3 so reduced to 12.5
Added an extra set of ab circuit till exhaustion
4CompletedOctober 24, 20193CompletedOctober 24, 2019– Upperbody workout
– Good session
. . . Client prefered neutral grip incline press
– Form breakdown on last 2 reps of “8” set on landmine tbar row so weight was adjusted
– Client stated that they enjoyed super set and circuit style workouts
4CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CancelledOctober 24, 20192CompletedOctober 3, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 2019


4CancelledOctober 24, 2019

Client is sick.

4CompletedOctober 24, 20194CancelledOctober 24, 20194CancelledOctober 24, 2019


4CompletedOctober 24, 2019Did deadlifts and worked on hamstrings! . . . Energy demanding session.3CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20192CompletedOctober 24, 20193CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 20194CompletedOctober 24, 2019Split squat- only completed two sets . . . because hip pain
Lighter weights for step ups and calf raises because her arthritis in her hands was bothering her but she wasn’t comfortable having a barbell on her back because she’s never done it before
3CompletedOctober 22, 20191CompletedOctober 22, 2019

did assessments

3CompletedOctober 29, 2019– Wanted to start warm up with rowing . . . but it was in use so I started with some TRX variations to get her back, shoulders, and arms warmed up and then moved over to the rower
– Screened her hip hinge with a dowel
– Progressed the weight up for deadlift a little but its game day tomorrow so we took it a little easy
– Didn’t add weight much weight to shoulder press but went from a 30lbs bar to 35lbs
– Bicep curls we were able to go up in weight a lot
5CompletedOctober 29, 2019– Back hurt today
– The client was . . . feeling very sore from previous workouts
– Bridging seemed to hurt back more than other exercises
5CompletedOctober 29, 2019Had to change up some exercises due to . . . people already using certain equipment5CompletedOctober 29, 2019-for the second exercise, I planned to . . . do lat pull downs, but someone else was using it. I switched the order for LPD to be third and hammer curls to be second.
– once we got to LPD’s, it turned out that I chose a weight too light since she was able to do 21 reps on the last set. Next time I would put the weight up to 50 LBS for all 3 sets. The first set this time was really low, then we did 40 LBS for the other 2 sets.
-lastly, for biceps curls, she finished the last set with 10 reps as opposed to AMRAP that I had on the plan. 10 pushed her, so that was good.
5CompletedOctober 29, 2019Switched up some of the exercises and . . . loads for this workout because the client wanted to experience some different things.. Worked up to a 3 rep max load for 3 reps on bench press because client wanted to try and experience some heavier loading. Worked at a higher volume for the rest of the workout which was around 12-15 reps with some additional exercises for biceps and triceps.5CancelledOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 2019Plank 30 sec
Like push press do 20+5 + . . . bar week 6- upper body
Do regular chin ups
I chose this workout because Evelyn is advances and is capable of doing advanced workouts. She finds complex workouts fun and told me she want to do a push press again in out next session because she really enjoyed it
3CompletedOctober 29, 2019-got her heart rate up and blood flowing . . . with cycling because she doesn’t like to run
-started back squat with just the bar and progressed
-started with normal leg press and then added leg press to 90degrees and then went full
-leg extension and leg curl went smoothly and as planned with both being slow controlled movements
-added stiff leg deadlift with heels elevated to help activate glutes and hamstrings
-finished off with calf raises with weights on side
5CompletedOctober 29, 2019Took out some shoulder exercises and . . . focused more on chest and arms4CompletedOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 20193CompletedOctober 29, 2019My trainer was very motivating and . . . ensured I put out my best in all exercises.4CompletedOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 20194No ShowOctober 29, 2019

Client did not come.

4CancelledOctober 29, 2019Emily has to cancel an hour before class . . . so we could not do the planned workout.4CancelledOctober 29, 2019

Cancelled a couple days ago

5CompletedOctober 29, 2019– The client had an overall good . . . workout
– 2 midterms coming up (anatomy, math)
5CompletedOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 2019I chose this workout because I feel that . . . Nam needs to learn the basics of movement before starting to fully strength train
she cannot do a row angometer
4CompletedOctober 29, 20195CancelledOctober 29, 2019

Canceled earlier in the day.

5CompletedOctober 29, 2019Back squat 3 set 8 reps 155 lbs
Bench . . . press 3 sets 8 reps 40 lbs dumbbells
Deadlift 3 sets 8 reps 135 lbs
Skullcrusher 3 sets 8 reps 40 lbs
Walking lunge 3 sets 10 reps 25 lbs dumbbells
Seated row 3 sets 10 reps 90 lbs
Bicep curl 3 sets 10 reps 50 lbs
5CompletedOctober 29, 2019

Really liked single arm goblet squat

5CompletedOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 20196CompletedOctober 29, 2019Before I went into the session i had . . . gotten to know Jenn a little bit more with how her courses were going and how her math test went today. She says that she failed the math test. I told her that that is literally me after every practical assessment and we both kinda giggled. I had also told her that this would be our last session together and how the procedure starting next week would work. Such that I had essentially explained that she will be doing the exact same things as she did with me except with a different trainer. Today was a great session. I had felt at ease like I ordered her program properly. She (this is a regular thing) said that the first five exercises were torturous. I was very proud to see Jenn doing deadlifts with a barbell. Although i could see ti as a challenge it felt like such a rewarding feeling knowing that I helped her feel competent in doing that task. Not only with just the barbell but to progress her into doing something loaded. The seated row I had to adapt because the lab only has one cable machine that could perform this exercise and it was at the time in use. I had done it standing because I knew that she would get the same results as if it was seated. I also had to adapt facepulls into pull aparts for that same purpose. I feel like pull aparts was just as adequate because it is the same ROM and movement pattern. If I could have Jenn again as a client I would have done the FMS assessment; This is because I would have noticed her balancing challenges (IL, DS – torso movement). With that data I would have had her go on the BOSU ball and start with shifting her weight from side to side then progress to balancing on one leg so her balance could be improved.5CompletedOctober 29, 20194CompletedOctober 22, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 2019Had to skip and do alternate exercises . . . because machines where takin up.5CompletedOctober 29, 20194CompletedOctober 29, 2019Shoulders are tight and rounded . . . forward
Incline chest press 3 x 10 12.5 lbs could do more
Seated shoulder press 3 x 12 10 lbs
1 arm row 3 x 10 8 lbs
Lateral shoulder raise 3 x 12 5 lbs
Tricep kickback 3 x 12 8 lbs
Bicep curl 3 x 12 10 lbs
5CancelledOctober 29, 2019

Cole was unable to make today’s session

4CompletedOctober 29, 2019Good Session today, no injuries or . . . complication with the exercises we did. Stefan has two midterms tomorrow, math & physiology.4CompletedOctober 29, 2019I forgot to get Cole’s signature at the . . . end of the session. I spoke to Sarah and informed her as well.5CompletedOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 2019

Liked ball slams

5CompletedOctober 29, 2019He wanted to do a shoulder day. I had to . . . improvise a work out for him.5CompletedOctober 29, 20195CancelledOctober 29, 20195CompletedOctober 29, 20194CompletedOctober 29, 20194CancelledOctober 29, 20194CompletedOctober 29, 20194CompletedOctober 30, 20191CompletedOctober 17, 2019We completed a back workout today. First . . . look at deadlift was very successful and was very well done2CompletedOctober 24, 2019We did legs today. Squatting form was . . . great5No ShowOctober 31, 2019

No email or reasoning for not attending.

5CompletedOctober 31, 20195CancelledOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20194CompletedOctober 31, 2019– Client had tough time with second half . . . of circuit workout
– Stated he wanted to improve his fitness level to be able to do more circuit traing
– Had to change some exercises due to traffic in gym
-Had to regress weight, reps, and time in order for client to complete workout
5CompletedOctober 31, 20193CompletedOctober 31, 2019Chest day. James really liked the . . . program I put him through and is excited to do on his own5CompletedOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 2019Thank you so much. I enjoyed our work . . . out. The section was very good, I feel very comfortable.5CompletedOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20195No ShowOctober 31, 20194No ShowOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20196No ShowOctober 31, 20195No ShowOctober 31, 2019

No email or reasoning for not attending.

2No ShowOctober 10, 20192CancelledOctober 10, 20191No ShowOctober 3, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 2019Set up bulgarians next to rack for . . . additional support, to aid with balance.5CompletedOctober 25, 20194CompletedOctober 31, 2019– good session
– client enjoyed circuit . . . style workout
– used rower instead of assualt bike
5CompletedOctober 31, 2019The session was intense and was . . . exhausted than earlier sessions.5CancelledOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20194CompletedOctober 31, 2019Client needed to stretch on goblet squat . . . because of quad cramp.4CancelledOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 2019

hopefully not the last one!

5CancelledOctober 31, 2019client cancelled today due to changing . . . programs.3CompletedOctober 10, 2019missed signature on this session but we . . . did complete it. Unfortunately my client dropped the program.5No ShowOctober 31, 20195No ShowOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20194CancelledOctober 31, 20195CompletedOctober 31, 20195CompletedNovember 1, 20191CancelledNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 2019-Swimmer
-biathlon athlete
-overall . . . athlete
-wants to do firefighting
-goes to physio because she has a bad right hip
1CompletedNovember 5, 2019Able to squat and move effectively. . . . Monday Tuesday and weekend availability. Primarily work on strength in routine1CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 2019-22 years old
-went to queens for life . . . science and wants to get into physiotherapy
-competitive dancer from ages 3-18
-gym experience for 5 years
-enjoys group fitness classes
-tendinous in shoulders; left is worse
-strong core from taking pole dancing classes
-works out 3-4x/week 45 mins
-abs every workout
-leg day: stairmaster, squat, lunges, bridges, calf raises
-generic upper body because she doesn’t know much
-increase upper body knowledge and strength
-1 to 2 days a week pole
-resistance concentrated workouts
1CompletedNovember 5, 2019The client was very well versed in his . . . overall goals and the outcomes in which he wants to achieve in the short/longterm spectrum. He was very cooperative and looking forward to become better, by gaining further insight into the realm of physical training. He is determined to begin to reach his goals, and I am looking forward to helping him attain his overall goals.1CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 2019No lunges
Squat . . . 2
Bmi 29 bia 31
75×15 1rm
Sm 3
Hinge 60 degree
Hates lunges
Barriers like working out with ppl set up group class workouts with dancing
I chose these tests to gain a better understanding of shanias mobility, strength, body compassion, likes, dislikes, and history with physical activity
1No ShowNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191No ShowNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191No ShowNovember 5, 2019


1CompletedNovember 5, 2019Assessment session. The client needs to . . . increase self-confidence. She likes weightlifting. She is okay with her weight, She likes her upper body but she wants to feel her legs more “firm”. A great pattern of movement. Good mobility. She feels pain on her left shoulder doing OH, no lack of range of motion. Probably weakness on her force couple mechanism, we will work shoulder rotational strength, scapular coordination, and light OH exercises (no pain).1CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191No ShowNovember 5, 20191CancelledNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 2019went through the 5 FMS exercises and . . . Laura did very well on all of them. she really enjoyed the workouts that she was doing with her previous trainer so I am going to create something similar1CompletedNovember 5, 2019Did all fms screens flow of conversation . . . went really well1CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191No ShowNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 2019session went well, Kyle was able to do . . . the movements well. he enjoyed the push/pull/leg program that he did with his previous trainer so I am going to continue with that program, with my own adjustments
he previously had an IT band injury that has started to flare up pain again, we discussed the issue and he said if he stretches and rolls out before/after the workout it is usually fine. the only problem we may face is during the squat but he mentioned that its usually ok, he just can’t lift heavy for squats
1CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191CompletedNovember 5, 20191No ShowNovember 7, 2019Re emailed client to come @4
Did not . . . respond to first or second email1CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20191No ShowNovember 7, 2019Sent him an email and never heard back . . . from him to confirm meeting and did not show up to training session1CompletedNovember 7, 2019My goals were muscle mass and weight . . . gain from muscle. Also want strength. Wants to see an improvement of how much he can lift. With his other trainer he did a lot of squatting, leg press, lunges. For upper body worked on his upper back with lat pulldowns with his shoulders and bench presses. Did not remember much of a bicep and tricep workout. Wants that to be included in his program also. Has low back pain sometimes. He gets it from football and doing hinge movements. He does a lot of upper body work – most upper body is something he should know very well. For his bench press (Push) his max was 25 lbs on each side of the bar. He needs to be coached on tempo. However some good things that he has are he is able to bring the barbell close to his chest. He then added 10 more pounds on each side of the bar. His arms were really shakey when he brought the barbell back up . He has really good breathing cues. The next a[ssessment I did with Luke was a 1RM leg press. He has 45 pounds on each side of the machine. Luke can demonstrate good form in terms of not locking his knees. For the next portion of the assessment Luke did back squats with what he would do normally. He placed 35 pounds on each side of the barbell. He has great tempo for back squats. I believe he could progress with more weight for his backsquat. I don’t think he needs a lot more but I think he can work on mind to muscle connection. He usually does not have a spotter for the backsquat. The next movement Luke did was a deadlift. He has good form for deadlifts. He easily remembers to straighten his back and to breathe. For his lunges. His right leg (my right) has some light asymmetries compared to his left leg. While assessing Lukes plank he stated that the basic plank is not the only plank that he has done. He says that he has done side planks before. While assessing his plank I noticed his glutes contracted however his elbows are not in line with the floor. I think that I need to progress him to a more advanced level plank. I can’t remember what the one is called but it’s the one where he would bring his knee to the opposite side of the body and back.. He really likes tricep pulldowns and bench presses. He stated that he did 49 pushups the other day. So I had assessed him to see his max pushups. For those he struggles with complete shoulder retraction at the start but would later achieve better form.1CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20191No ShowNovember 7, 20191No ShowNovember 7, 2019No email or reason for not attending . . . session.1CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 2019We did an assessment today. I took Devin . . . through some fms screening and shoulder health1CompletedNovember 7, 2019

First assessment

1CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 2019his goal is strength gain so I did a 1 . . . rep max on his back squat to see what he should be able to get to for a reference. I also did some FMS screening to see his movement patterns.1CompletedNovember 7, 20196CompletedNovember 7, 2019Initial assessment
Pre screen squat, . . . hinge, plank wall slide
1 RM testing for squat,
6CompletedNovember 7, 2019Screened FMS movement to ensure no . . . injury will occur when I make the program.
Screened 1 RM because client wants to build strength
1CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20196CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20196CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20196CompletedNovember 7, 2019Screened FMS patterning to ensure no . . . injury when I create program.
Ran her through variations of different ways to squat to discover which one affected her hips and knees the least.
1CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 2019initial consultation.
Client had . . . shoulder surgery in spring of 2019, still going through physio/recovery.
Goals are to maintain weight and continue lifting @50% for endurance rather than strength.
FMS screen was done but modifications were necessary due to shoulder injury.
BW Squat needs improvement
BW lunge needs improvement
Client leans towards and is more quad dominant.
Hinge technique 100%
High Plank 100%
ASLR 3/3
Bird Dog 80%
Client generally does CV on stairclimber with an RPE OF 8-9 for 15-20 Min.
Rhys is a really cool guy, and he’s Welsch!
6CompletedNovember 7, 2019FMS screen and body comp data because . . . her main goal is muscle gain and tone1CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20192CancelledNovember 12, 20192CancelledNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20191CancelledNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20191.Client was not getting proper movement . . . during stationary split squats so I changed it with walking lunges to get proper movment and position.
2. His hands was little sour because of workout so was not able to complete the pushups so we skipped it halfway without doing any retractions.
1CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20191CompletedNovember 12, 2019

Assessment done

2CompletedNovember 12, 2019Form was very good, lifted heavy. First . . . exercise had to switch to the second because someone was on that machine.2CompletedNovember 12, 2019-Warm up: rower was in use so I made her . . . do seated row interval
-deadlift: got up to 145 lbs, changed from Romanian to sumo with mixed grip
-cable bicep: all cables were being used so we did seated row
1CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 2019

– Legs got tight
– Very curious

2CompletedNovember 12, 2019Right knee pronation
Create a dance . . . circuit thing
Machins are best for her
I chose compound movements because they use more metabolic muscles and may aid in weight loss
2CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 2019– forgot to screen hinge, assess this . . . before loading deadlift
-back squat
-leg press
-bicep curls
-don’t load b squat too heavy (knee pain)
-lunges (knee pain)
-planks (pain?- clarify this)
-kettle bell swings (hates them)
Injuries/ health:
-knee pain
-left ankle pain
Goal: Strength
Workout everyday
2CompletedNovember 12, 20191CompletedNovember 12, 2019

Assessment done

2CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 2019

-refs hockey

2CompletedNovember 12, 2019Session was good. Lifted heavy, good . . . form overall, was feeling somewhat under the weather. Did not complete last exercise due to time.2CompletedNovember 12, 2019Client was tired and feeling sourness on . . . his arms so I added stretches for the cooldown and refused the time of active recovery.1CompletedNovember 12, 2019can do a plank rase heels in . . . squat
Rational I chose a leg press to text Emily’s strength it is less dangerous that a deadlift or a bench press and it helps me gain an idea of her strength I texted her off 60% her 1RM. I also did a variety of body composition assessments and a few functional movement once. The results tell me that Emily is most likely an ectomorph and other than her arthritis seams to be healthy.
2CompletedNovember 12, 20191CompletedNovember 12, 2019


2CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 2019Session was good, focused on upper body . . . exercises (Chest, Triceps and Biceps). Client did very well, and worked hard during each exercise.1CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 2019TGU didn’t go well, will not do again. . . . She needs to slow down.2CompletedNovember 12, 2019Went good a couple of the exercises had . . . to go to reps of 8 based on muscle fatigue, besides that went well2CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20192CancelledNovember 12, 2019Client cancelled today’s session due to . . . study2No ShowNovember 12, 20192No ShowNovember 12, 2019Client did not confirm over email waited . . . 15 and then she didn’t show2CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 2019Didn’t love row because it was hard. . . . Liked pull-ups but we needed to do them earlier, the cable thing was busy all night. 30lb for row, 35 lb for corner press2CompletedNovember 12, 20192CancelledNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20191CompletedNovember 14, 2019

First assessment session

2CancelledNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 2019

Assessment day

1CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20191CompletedNovember 7, 20191CompletedNovember 14, 2019– Good session
– Client has good . . . fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, press, plank hold)
– Client enjoyed circuit style workout
2CompletedNovember 14, 2019

Add more advanced options for plank

2CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 2019Today we did chest. Brandon’s favourite . . . exercise was the bent over single arm fly2CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CancelledNovember 14, 2019Contacted her Monday asking to come in . . . Tuesday for training because I had an interview for placement at 3:20. She did not respond until Thursday, therefore missing our session.2CompletedNovember 14, 2019Today we did back. Devin is a very hard . . . worker, he likes droplets and superset so something to incorporate for the future2CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 2019Lower Body Workout
Shoulder corrective . . . exercises.7CompletedNovember 14, 20191CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 2019need to work on Keira’s balance and . . . engagement of the core2CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20191CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 2019


2CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20191CompletedNovember 14, 20191CompletedNovember 14, 2019– Good session
– Client enjoyed lower . . . reps on bench press
– Client enjoyed hammer curl dropset
– Changed cable flys to DB flys due to gym traffic
7CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192CompletedNovember 14, 20192No ShowNovember 14, 20192CancelledNovember 19, 20193CancelledNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 2019Face pulls caused pain in injured . . . shoulder.3CompletedNovember 19, 20192CompletedNovember 19, 2019Assessment day:
-can workout 3-4 x . . . /week
-goal: hypertrophy
– no exercises specifically want in the program, none she hates.
-a couple injuries
-I forgot to screen dowel hinge. I will do this before I deadlift with her.
– body comp assessments since her goal is hypertrophy.
-FMS to screen mobility so I know which exercises to put in her program (some will be corrective)
3CompletedNovember 19, 20193CancelledNovember 19, 20193CancelledNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 2019Did not train client at a super high . . . intensity because he is doing physical activities right after this workout3CompletedNovember 19, 2019

-felt weaker than usual

3CompletedNovember 19, 2019Instead on TRX single squat we did . . . single seated squat to stand with weight3CancelledNovember 19, 2019Client was not feeling good so he . . . canceled the session3CompletedNovember 19, 2019Helped alter back squat setup to be more . . . comfortable.
Taught better calf raise form.
3CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 2019– we used the bike because with her . . . asthma she said running isn’t a good idea
– chest flies were first instead of second since the bench areas were being used
-the benches were still occupied so we did chest presses instead of bench presses
-then we did skull crushers (we should ave done this second as was scheduled, but I was caught up in the other changes that I did 2 very similar exercise after each other)
-use roller for stretching next time (MFR). That’S what she uses and she does not stretch easily.
3CompletedNovember 19, 2019We didn’t do the last exercise because . . . we ran out of time.2CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20191CompletedNovember 19, 2019What’s to be more flexible/ mobile in . . . legs
Liked cable work and MB throw no cable abductions
Rationale: I chose 2 sets and 90 second breaks because Emily is a beginner, although she has a history of sports and can do 3 sets for leg workouts easily. Try doing a few 3 set leg workouts
3CompletedNovember 19, 2019Really liked the rowing machine. She’s . . . still too fast, but we are working on it.3CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20192CompletedNovember 12, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20192CancelledNovember 19, 2019

Session cancelled

3CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 2019Todays session is actually one that I . . . can say that I loved. I had Luke on the treadmill. He didn’t tell me directly that he liked it however I had a really good inkling that he liked it. I am very surprised of how much he is capable of from a cardiovascular standpoint. I had him at a 4% incline with like 5.9 on the treadmill. I had told him that this sounds incredibly easy. He told me he used to do cross country in high school and that he played football. The session overall I learned that 12 is an appropriate rep range for Luke unless we use a cable machine during our sessions together. I really like how tenacious Luke is and is willing to try everything and anything that he is given. With regards to the program , I switched the Row and the Deadlift to follow the upper body, lower body programming principle. In addition I also switched plank w/ arm extended and farmers walk to follow the most intense to least intense principle. I also found out while I was stretching with him he had an injury from football in his hamstring that does not cause pain. Next week and in sessions moving forward I am going to progress his plank and work on small incremental weight increases so Luke understands proper loading so he can eventually lift heavy weight alone and with confidence.2CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20192CompletedNovember 19, 20193CancelledNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20192CancelledNovember 19, 2019Cancelled- something came up that was . . . important at home!3CompletedNovember 19, 20193CancelledNovember 19, 2019Cancelled because she is sick, offered . . . to reschedule for Thursday3CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20193No ShowNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 20193CompletedNovember 19, 2019Good training session with client. Have . . . some areas of improvement to work on in relation to leg strength and stability. Was having particular difficulty completing single leg deadlifts, mainly due to stability issues. Added a dowel to help with this but was still experiencing some difficulty.3CompletedNovember 20, 20193CancelledNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20192CompletedNovember 21, 2019

Upper body circuit
She has a cold

2CompletedNovember 21, 2019We did back today with Brendan. . . . Deadlifting went well, his favourite exercise was the bent over single arm row3CompletedNovember 21, 20192CompletedNovember 21, 2019I decided to take out the fire hydrant . . . because I didn’t have enough time to complete everything. She really pushed herself by increasing weights through out each set3CompletedNovember 21, 20192CompletedNovember 21, 2019– Cardio session
– sprint intervals on . . . assualt bike, tempo pace on rower, then SS walkim on treadmill
– Client felt tightness on treadmill walk at end so cut session
– Implemented lacross ball and FR to relieve tight muscles experience during workout
2CompletedNovember 21, 2019Had to adjust weights a lot, he thought . . . he could do more.3CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20193CancelledNovember 21, 20192No ShowNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20192CompletedNovember 21, 2019– Good session
– Quad dominated leg . . . day
– Had to elevate heels on squat patterns to improve ROM
– Client had excellent form on both squat and lunge patterns
2CompletedNovember 21, 2019Today we did arms with Devin. Favourite . . . exercise was skullcrusher. He is looking forward to legs next week3CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20198CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 2019Session was good. Have started to see . . . progress.2CompletedNovember 21, 20195 min aerobic warm up then jumping jacks . . . and arm circles
Dum bell chest press-she dosent like assisted push ups
1 arm row before shrugs
Do bicep extensions and curls instead of cable face pulls and overhead pulls
Rational: I chose a row machine to workout Shania’s back and incorporate cardio I thought assisted push-ups would be good given her current history with exercise I also choose 2 sets of 10-12 because Shania is a beginner
3CancelledNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 21, 20193CancelledNovember 21, 20191CompletedNovember 21, 20198CompletedNovember 21, 20193CompletedNovember 25, 2019Emily is not shy and can do explosive . . . movements around others without fear of being watched. Also I did concentration curls because they are a single joint isolation movement because Emily has arthritis.
Notes: what’s to do more upper body
Rational: Emily has minor arthritis but it can bug her from time to time so I did a 15min warm up 10mins low weight bearing cycling and 5mins of a ROM flexibility warm up. Emily would most likely enjoy an elliptical workout instead of a bike, if I were in a full gym I would have chosen that instead. Emily has a history of competitive sports and I can tell two set workouts are much too easy for her so I added a few 3 set workouts. Emily told me she wants to work on her ROM/flexibility a little and I feel yoga based movements would be great for her arthritis so I did a 5min ROM yoga based cooldown. Also Emily would benefit from learning how to use more power to better execute a exercise, she told me she likes MB slams so if things get boring during the workout I may through in some of these or other explosive movements as they seem to keep her engaged.
Signeur Emily bugarija
4CompletedNovember 25, 2019Extra alternatives:
Step ups-maybe best . . . bet
Dowel hinge (in warm up)-if possible ask if she can remove the ponytail
Dowel split squat,TRX lung
Cable adduction, abduction, kickbacks, or pull through
45 degree leg press
Dowel morning cow
Note: If her knee start to bug her or is inflamed that day consider not continuing the session/ask to do full body or upper body instead
Raise heels in squat
Session notes: likes KB swings can hinge do dead lift do matching hamstring work
Rational: Shania has knee problems so doing a leg day may make her feel uneasy. Shania also does not like doing certain movements such as lunges and other unforeseeable movements (she is a beginner and asking her what makes her feel uncomfortable doesn’t always work because she doesn’t know yet) so I have provided alternative variations, this helps me find out what she likes too. Shania enjoys cardio so I included a cardio based warm up also if she feels uneasy about some variations I may cut out a few workouts and add a 4-6 RPE cardio session after the resistance training component as a last resort.
Signature Shania Butler has agreed to do the session
4CompletedNovember 26, 20194CancelledNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 2019We changed the sequence of the . . . excercises according to the availability of equipments. And we did the assisted pushups instead of bodyweight chin ups as client was filling fatigue.4CompletedNovember 26, 2019Client finished weekend-long tournament . . . yesterday, so I’m keeping loading light to prevent injury. And allow for recovery.3CompletedNovember 26, 20194No ShowNovember 26, 2019

Client did not attend training.

3CompletedNovember 26, 2019Stationary cycling
Back Squat
-Started . . . with some hip opening mobility
-Warm up with just the bar
-Added weight
Leg Press
-2 sets with close stance
-2 sets wide stance with toes pointing outwards
Stiff Leg Deadlift
-leg extension and curl machine was in use to had to do this first
-She liked the toe elevation, helped her engage her posterior chain more and helped to feel the exercise better
Machine Leg Extension Lying Leg Curl superset
4CompletedNovember 26, 2019

Went home. Didn’t feel good

3CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20193CompletedNovember 26, 20193CompletedNovember 26, 2019-Wanted to warm-up with rowing ergometer . . . but it was in use so I improvised to cable rows
-Did some mobility work to open up her hips and practiced hip hinging
-she requested straps but we realized it wasn’t the best idea to use
Dumbbell Bent Over Row
-really progressed in weight
Bicep Curl
-got up to 15 lbs but lose proper form from weight being too heavy so we took down the reps and concentrated on heavy weight, low reps, proper form
Cable Lat Pull Down
-really progressed in weight
Cable Seated Row
-really progressed in weight
her chest was sore from yesterday’s workout so we did a chest stretch as well
4CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 2019Last exercise changed it to push ups . . . because the flys she felt discomfort4CompletedNovember 26, 2019Client prefers Arnold press over . . . shoulder press.4CompletedNovember 26, 2019We did the cycling for the warmup as the . . . rowing machine was busy. And just changed the sequence of the exercises according to availability of the equipments.4CancelledNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20193CancelledNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20193CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 2019Found leg curls challenging but liked . . . them. Mountain climber was a bit to hard with BOSU. upper body next week4CancelledNovember 26, 2019


4CompletedNovember 26, 2019Lots of fun switch up some exercises . . . based of overall spacing and training areas4CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 2019Session adapted for client’s pain . . . condition3CompletedNovember 26, 20193CancelledNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20194No ShowNovember 26, 20192CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 20194CompletedNovember 26, 2019Liked the single leg deadlift. Found the . . . lunges hard because they were right after the squats. Still not feeling 100% after she was suck last week. Full body workout next week7CancelledNovember 28, 20197CancelledNovember 28, 20191CompletedNovember 28, 20193CompletedNovember 27, 2019We did legs today, back squat form was . . . really well done4CompletedNovember 28, 20193CompletedNovember 28, 2019

Lower body

4CompletedNovember 28, 2019

Client had to leave early.

3CancelledNovember 28, 20194CompletedNovember 28, 20193CompletedNovember 28, 20193CompletedNovember 28, 20193CancelledNovember 28, 20194CompletedNovember 28, 20194CompletedNovember 28, 2019Attemped workchopper for the first time. . . . Did not continue because Simone did not like it.3CompletedNovember 28, 2019– Shoulder and arm workout
– Good . . . session
– Heavy db shoulder press work with some higher rep hypertrophy arm work
– Client enjoyed spider curl and skull crusher exercises
4CancelledNovember 28, 2019

Cancelled, hurt her back

4CompletedNovember 28, 20194CancelledNovember 28, 20193CompletedNovember 28, 20194CancelledNovember 28, 20198CancelledNovember 28, 20199CancelledNovember 28, 2019Client had an event to attend. Could not . . . make it to training.3CompletedNovember 28, 2019– Back shoulders triceps
– Good . . . session
– Client enjoyed shoulder & tricep supersets
– Did not use CG on pull down. Instead used 3 reps widegrip
4CompletedNovember 28, 20194CompletedNovember 28, 20193CancelledNovember 28, 20194CompletedNovember 28, 20194CompletedNovember 28, 20199CompletedNovember 28, 2019Client enjoyed leg day. Elevating heels . . . during back squat helped client obtain full ROM.4CompletedNovember 28, 20194No ShowNovember 28, 20194CompletedDecember 3, 2019Started off okay, but Tyler complained . . . about pain as soon as we started squats. Abandoned the rest if the program at his request and worked on mobility and flexibility.4CompletedDecember 3, 2019Warm-up: rowing
Chest Press: Instead of . . . incline dumbbell chest press, we did barbell chest press as a strength component/in the beginning the bar was preset too high so I had to adjust that
Bicep curls:Did a good job progressing in weight
Lateral Shoulder Raise: This was a good exercise to isolate her shoulders as she feels weakness in her shoulders
Tricep kickback: Struggled with this as she doesn’t train triceps often. She was dropping her elbow and was using momentum instead of engage the muscle
Cable Seated Row: Changed it to single arm seated row 10 reps each arm x3sets
Finished off with a 4 exercise interval core workout
4CompletedDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 2019Every thing was perfect just a little . . . sequence change we need to make according to the availability of the equipments.9CompletedDecember 3, 2019

Tuesday session

5CompletedDecember 3, 20194CompletedDecember 3, 2019Rhys is recovering very well and . . . continuing his physio exercises plus correctives daily. We have been taking it very easy and ensuring he still has full mobility and ROM before loading. He is patient and a great client.5CompletedDecember 3, 2019Switched up the sequence with a leg . . . press before the lying leg curl because it was being used at the time5No ShowDecember 3, 2019

Trained Shuta instead

5CompletedDecember 3, 2019Client was not able to have a good . . . posture during triceps kickbacks so I changed it with triceps extensions.4CancelledDecember 3, 2019Want to do more tring with me felt upset . . . that it was last session
Inside joke about BBQ KFC
Misses Jamaican food favorite food is real Jamaican patties
I provided recommendations for healthy food during this discussion, I think I altered her attitude for including vegetables in meals
Shania HATES the taste of water/use of plastic bottles, so I communicated the benefits of glass bottles and sugar free water flavoring drops. My friend sells health food and has really well liked and reasonably healthy water flavouring mixes that I told her about. Also I told her where she can find cheap glass bottles, so she can stay hydrated and healthy.
Grandparents are in hospital
like Anatomy lectures
Do more balance work
Rational:Whole body workouts can help facilitate weight loss(metabolically active muscles)
Seated/lying stretches because it balancing on one leg for some stretches may make Shaina loss balance
5No ShowDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 20193CompletedDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 20195CancelledDecember 3, 20195CancelledDecember 3, 20193CancelledDecember 3, 2019

Cancelled earlier today

5CompletedDecember 3, 20193CompletedDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 20195CancelledDecember 3, 20195CompletedDecember 3, 20195No ShowDecember 3, 20194CancelledDecember 4, 20198CancelledDecember 4, 2019I cancelled training for personal . . . reasons.8CancelledDecember 4, 2019I cancelled training for personal . . . reasons.7CancelledDecember 4, 2019

Client cancelled, not feeling well.

5CancelledDecember 3, 2019Client messaged to cancel the day . . . before,5CancelledDecember 5, 20195CancelledDecember 5, 20194CancelledDecember 5, 20194CancelledDecember 5, 20194CompletedDecember 5, 20195CompletedDecember 5, 2019At the end of the workout, I introduced . . . incline push ups on the barbell because Melissa wasnt feeling anything from doing the wall push ups4CompletedDecember 5, 2019We did back again today. Deadlift form . . . was good. Favourite exercise was the standing 1 arm row5CompletedDecember 5, 20194CompletedDecember 5, 2019– Circuit and interval training
– Good . . . session
– Client enjoyed strength circuit
– Client enjoyed corner press exercise
3CompletedDecember 5, 20195CancelledDecember 5, 20195CancelledDecember 5, 2019Cancelled a few hours ahead of scheduled . . . session.9CompletedNovember 28, 201910CancelledDecember 5, 201910CancelledDecember 5, 2019

Client cancelled. Studying for exams.

6CompletedDecember 5, 20193CancelledDecember 5, 2019

Strep throat

4CompletedDecember 5, 2019– Hip dominated leg day
– Showed client . . . different options for deadlift
– Seemed to like the mixed grip
– Stressed hinge movement throughout workout
– Clients hinge looked very solid
4CompletedDecember 5, 2019Today was a little lighter on the legs, . . . Devon was still sick and tired7CompletedDecember 5, 2019Client enjoyed upper body push day. . . . Exercise included bench press, flys, push-ups, shoulder press and triceps extensions. Enjoyed intensity. Left with a smile.10CompletedDecember 5, 2019Client enjoyed intensity of leg day. . . . Exercise included back squat, lunge, single leg dead lift, leg curl/extension, hip bridge, and calf raises with 2 min rest in between exercises for strength gain.5No ShowDecember 5, 20195CompletedDecember 5, 201910CompletedDecember 5, 201910CancelledDecember 5, 20199CompletedDecember 5, 20195CompletedDecember 5, 20195CompletedDecember 5, 20193CompletedDecember 5, 2019Emily was stressed from exams and the . . . yoga helped relax her
Rationale: I showed her how to hinge so she could do a deadlift with proper form
5CancelledDecember 6, 20195CancelledDecember 6, 201910CompletedDecember 6, 20196CompletedDecember 10, 20195CancelledDecember 11, 20195CancelledDecember 11, 20191CalebCompletedOctober 9, 2020First session is completed, client . . . performed assessment such as overhead deep squat, hinging, wall slide, planking. Client was perseverance towards primary goals and asked questions about the purpose of the assessment. No injury has noted during assessments.1DaislynnCompletedOctober 13, 2020Client was really comfortable and easy . . . to talk to. Needs to improve on most forms for exercise. Has asthma and knee pain. Cleared by doctor.2CalebNo ShowOctober 16, 2020client asked if he can skip the video . . . call because for some personal reasons (attending birthday party)1Chandani SanjaykumarCompletedNovember 15, 2020Asked client general question such as . . . height, weight, barriers, access to equipment etc.