PHRE 3044 – Special Populations

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The lab portion of PHRE 3044 focuses on:

  • This course focuses on adaptive exercise techniques for a variety of populations (i.e. pregnancy, older adults, disabilities, and chronic disease).
  • Students will learn how to modify exercises and/or equipment to effectively and safely accommodate these groups.

Target Population: Various

  • Professor: Tim Rush
  • Lab Instructor(s): Tim Rush, Sarah King
  • Lab Technicians: Jasmine Collins, Dan MacDougall

Learning how to evaluate the coaching style of others, as well as provide constructive criticism, is a vital component of improving as a fitness professional. As a result, you are being asked to serve as trainer, client and peer evaluator for various skills and competencies over your time in FHP.

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December 7, 2022 Lab 11 4 5.0/5

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