PHRE 3055 – Cardiovascular Training

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This course focuses on the principles and techniques of cardiovascular training. The theory, safety issues and appropriate training progressions for initiating aerobic training programs will be emphasized. Students are prepared to assess aerobic fitness and prescribe appropriate training programs for various clients. This course also provides a personal experience in cardiovascular training.

Target Population: 18 – 65 year old, healthy adults

  • Class Professor: Lyndsay Fitzgeorge
  • Lab Professors: Lyndsay Fitzgeorge & Sarah King
  • Lab Technicians: Jasmine Collins

Lab Schedule

wk Lab Content Lab Evaluation (ongoing: infractions 5%, participation 5%)
1 No lab Purchase lab uniform and HR monitor
2 Screening; HR/BR response to CV exercise
3 Intro to intensity Lab Quiz #1 (2.5%)
4 CV Assessment: treadmill walking Lab Report #1 (2.5%)
5 CV Assessment: bike Lab Report #2 (2.5%)
6 CV Assessment: treadmill jogging Lab Report #3 (2.5%)

Study Week

7 CV Assessment: treadmill Running Lab Report #4 (2.5%)
8 20M Shuttle Run Lab (March 5th, 4-6pm); Lab Demo #1 (5%; Resting HR & BP, schedule will be posted)
9 SS Training Lab Demo #2 (5%; during lab time, attend lab as usual)
10 Tempo Training
11 Intervals & REPS Lab Demo #3 (5%; during lab time, attend lab as usual)
12 Practice Skills Lab Quiz #2 (2.5%)
13 Practical assessment Practical Assessment (25%; half class)
14 Practical assessment Practical Assessment (25%; half class)
My Lab Data

Learning how to evaluate the coaching style of others, as well as provide constructive criticism, is a vital component of improving as a fitness professional. As a result, you are being asked to serve as trainer, client and peer evaluator for various skills and competencies over your time in FHP.

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