Breakout Group 1 – Squat Mechanics

Lab Overview

Learning Objectives

  1. Review squat anatomy
  2. Understand key teaching points for basic squat mechanics (using a goblet squat)
  3. Learn the barbell back squat
    1. Understand how to adjust J-hooks and safety arms
    2. Understand proper spotting 
    3. Understand tools to adapt ROM (heel lift, safety squat bar, box squat)
  4. Additional study: Barbell front squat (using 3 different grip options)

Lab Tasks

In this week’s lab, you will be required to:

  1. Practice installing j-hooks & safety arms at the appropriate height for your client
  2. Practice spotting a client
  3. Practice the back squat (aim to establish a 10-12 RM load). Also consider the following:
    1. Heel lift: discuss how did ROM differ with/without a heel lift?
    2. Safety squat bar: discuss implications for clients with shoulder mobility issues
    3. Box squat: discuss when/why to implement box squats with a client