Breakout Group 2 – Functional Anatomy and Sports Injuries

Lab Overview

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify key anatomical structures related to the ankle, knee, hip and core (e.g. foot and ankle muscles, knee ligaments, glute and core muscles).
  2. Recall the actions (e.g. agonist, antagonist and synergy) of important muscles related to good lower body movement.
  3. Analyze functional movement assessments of the lower body (i.e. Deep Squat, Inline Lunge and Dowel Plank) 
  4. Discuss common lower body sports injuries and the impacted anatomy.

Lab Tasks

In this week’s lab, you will be required to:

  1. Evaluate and score the FMS Deep Squat
  2. Evaluate and score the FMS Inline Lunge
  3. Attempt and coach the proper form of a dowel plank
  4. Share common injury stories related to the ankle, knee, hip and low back.  
  5. Use anatomical knowledge to describe the quality of lower body movement mechanics.