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Course: PHRE 3045 – Sports Injuries Movement Pattern: Target: Trapezius Synergist(s): Rhomboids
Regressions: Progressions:

Equipment: Lacrosse Ball
  1. Lying prone place the lacrosse ball over the middle traps / rhomboids  and secure the ball between your back and the floor.
  2. Increase pressure by pushing more into the ground. Decrease pressure by doing the opposite or complete in standing against the wall.
  3. Initially adjust proximal or distal to target area(s) and then minimize rolling around too much and apply direct pressure but not for too long!
  4. Do not over do any one area to the point of significant pain or discomfort.  Less is more.
  5. Caution not to overdo this area as most people tend toward a rounded shoulder forward posture and this muscle may be weak and/or lengthened (vs. shortened).
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