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Course: PHRE 3044 – Special Populations Movement Pattern: Single-joint | isolation Target: Triceps Synergist(s):
Regressions: Progressions:

Equipment: Strap/Towel

This should NOT be done if there is a history of shoulder pain.  Reach one hand behind your back from high and the other from low.  Using a towel, dowel or strap apply light pressure from the down hand creating a stretch in the back of the upper arm.  Alternatively you can place the lower hand on the elbow of the upper arm to apply pressure.  If you apply pressure from the upper arm you will get a shoulder internal rotation stretch on the lower arm when behind the back.  There should be NO pain with the shoulder joint.  Resist excessive arching of the back and keep the ribs from riding upwards.

Common Error(s): Arching the upper back
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