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Course: PHRE 5003 – High Performance Training Movement Pattern: Press | vertical Target: Deltoids (Anterior) Synergist(s): Obliques, Quadriceps, Triceps
Regressions: Progressions:

Equipment: Landmine

Also known as the Grappler press.

  • Wedge a barbell into a corner, or into a landmine attachment.
  • Get into a square stance. Your knees should be slightly bent, and you should a slight forward lean in your torso. Adopt a tripod foot base, meaning, your weight should be on the mid/back of your feet, and all of your toes should remain in contact with the ground, particularly your big and baby toes.
  • When you are in the starting position, your arm should be kept tight to your side, and in line with your arm pit.
  • Before you perform each press, take a deep breath into your belly, brace your core, lightly tuck your rib cage towards your hips (close the space in your midsection), and squeeze your glutes.
  • When you press the barbell, extend your elbow, but do not hyperextend it. Keep your shoulder down, and do not shrug the weight, as this is a pressing movement.
  • Exhale after you have pressed the bar and it is moving away from your body.
  • Reset and repeat for the desired number of reps.

In increase the focus on the upper body and core, start your athlete in a half-kneeling position.

To make this movement more applied to sport, you can:

  • Start the movement with a half-squat and press (getting full extension by finishing on your toes)
  • Start with rotation: start in a partial squat (in almost a puncher-stance) with the barbell down by your side. Aggressively drive the bar up, pivoting on your back foot to end up on your toe.

Common Error(s): Not engaging core
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