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Course: PHRE 3043 – Functional Movement Movement Pattern: Lunge Target: Quadriceps Synergist(s):
Regressions: Split Squat | Bulgarian Split Squat Progressions:

Equipment: TRX
  • Straps are at mid-calf length
  • Body position is standing facing away from anchor
  • Foot is toe in (toe-hold) – bottom of shoe on handle
  • Keep the shin on your forward leg as vertical as possible, keeping the chest up (don’t hinge hip), focusing on backward movement, into a rear lunge
  • When you extend your knee focus on driving your heel into the floor
  • Ensure hips remain aligned as both knees bend
  • Ensure weight stays on the front leg
Common Error(s): Torso collapses forward | Foot/ankle collapse | Trendelenburg Hip Drop
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