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Course: PHRE 3043 – Functional MovementMovement Pattern: LungeTarget: QuadricepsSynergist(s):
Regressions:Progressions: Crossover Lunge | Single Leg Squat

  • Straps are mid-length
  • Body position is standing facing anchor
  • Plant one foot firmly on the ground and raise your opposing leg until your knee is parallel with your hip
  • Your planted leg should be centered with the anchor
  • While maintaining a vertical shin on the working leg, lower yourself down and cross the knee of your non-working leg behind the knee of your working leg – your inner thighs will touch on the way down
  • To stand back up, extend your hips forward while keeping the shin of your working leg vertical
Common Error(s): Torso collapses forward | Valgus knees
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