With 2 people you have the security that if the bar drops completely from the squatter, the spotters will be able to safely take the load of the weight.

Positioning: stand at opposite ends of the bar, with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly flexed. Hold hands in a cupped position ~ 2-3″ below the ends of the bar. As client starts moving down, continue to bend through the knees, ensuring your hands remain 2-3″ below the bar.

If client struggles/fails, both spotters should grasp the bar and assist the client to lift bar back into the starting position, ensuring they employ a similar/steady lifting cadence.

Critical point: It is absolutely necessary that spotters communicate. Both spotters should have a signal to know when to jump in safely. If one spotter decides to help while the other doesn’t, the lifters balance will be thrown off and they risk significant injury.

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