PHRE 1041 – Principles of Fitness

This course focuses on learning body weight exercises that target the fundamental human movements:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Squatting
  • Lunging
  • Hinging
  • Gait
As well, various exercises to target functions of the core (stabilization, rotation, flexion, extension) will be covered.

Lab Competencies
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CompetencyTeaching points (The value of each point can be found at the end of each line.)
Goblet Squat + Bird Dog
  1. Instruct client to stand with feet approximately shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly out. | 1
  2. Discuss the importance of maintaining as erect a torso as possible (neutral spine) throughout the movement. | 1
  3. Instruct client to keep knees aligned with toes (knees don't collapse in) | 1
  4. Discuss target ROM (squat until knees are bent below 90 degrees) | 1
  5. Cue client to keep weight back (e.g.: weight over ankles or more towards heels than toes) | 1
  6. Client completes at least 10 reps. | 1
  7. Screen pain/discomfort during squat. | 1
  8. Offer client the option to use a mat | 1
  9. Explain and cue engaging the core, keeping pelvis stable | 1
  10. Instruct and verify client can fully extend a single leg (while maintaining neutral spine) | 1
  11. Instruct and verify client can fully extend a single arm (while maintaining neutral spine) | 1
  12. Instruct and verify client can fully extend the opposing arm-leg, hold for ~2 seconds | 1
  13. Perform 6-8 reps per side | 1
  14. Screen pain/discomfort during bird-dog | 1
  15. Explain a stretch appropriate for a novice client that targets the muscles trained in the squat. | 1
Split Squat + Push-Up
  1. Determine a stance length/width that should allow the client to be balanced. | 1
  2. Mention the importance of maintaining as erect a torso as possible (neutral spine) throughout the movement. | 1
  3. Explain target range-of-motion (i.e. knees form a 90˚angle at the bottom of the movement.) | 1
  4. Cue client to push off through the heel of the lead leg | 1
  5. Complete 8-10 reps per leg | 1
  6. Screen pain/discomfort during split squat | 1
  7. Offer client the option to use a mat | 1
  8. Have client assume a prone position (lying face down) on the floor with the legs fully extended and the toes pointed down to the floor. | 1
  9. Cue your client to keep the core engaged (torso should remain in a straight line; neutral spine) | 1
  10. Have client place their hands on the floor, palms down, ~ 1 to 3 inches wider than shoulder-width apart with the elbows pointed outward. | 1
  11. Explain the impact of moving hands closer in/further away from shoulder-width | 1
  12. Have client push (i.e. fully extend the elbows), then lower the body by allowing the elbows to flex to a 90° angle (or a position where the chest is hovering 1-2″ above the ground) | 1
  13. Complete at least 10 reps | 1
  14. Screen pain/discomfort during push-up | 1
  15. Explain a stretch appropriate for a novice client that targets the muscles trained in the split squat. | 1
Hip Bridging + Plank
  1. Offer client option to use a mat | 1
  2. Have client lie on their back, feet planted on the floor. Arms at sides for balance | 1
  3. Explain that movement involves client thrusting hips forward to full extension by pushing off heels and contracting glutes | 1
  4. Watch client demonstrate movement, helping client achieve full extension, if necessary | 1
  5. Complete at least 10 reps | 1
  6. Screen pain/discomfort during bridge | 1
  7. Demonstrate/teach progression to 1-leg bridge | 1
  8. Again, offer client the option to use a mat | 1
  9. Mention the importance of maintaining as erect a torso as possible (neutral spine) throughout the movement | 1
  10. In a prone position, have client brace against forearms, with elbows positioned under the shoulders, legs fully extended and the toes pointed down to the floor | 1
  11. Explain and cue engaging the core | 1
  12. Instruct the client to raise body upward until body is help in a straight line | 1
  13. Have client attempt to hold position for at least 30 seconds | 1
  14. Screening of pain/discomfort during plank | 1
  15. Explain a stretch appropriate for a novice client that targets the muscles used in the hip bridge | 1
Inverted Row + McGill Crunch
  1. Position a bar in a rack to a height that will allow client to extend arms without lying on the floor | 1
  2. Using a slightly wider than shoulder width grip (hands pronated), have client hang underneath the bar | 1
  3. Client’s body should be straight (neutral spine) with heels on the ground with their arms fully extended | 1
  4. Instruct the client to initiate movement by flexing the elbow, pulling their chest towards the bar. Pause then return to starting position | 1
  5. Complete at least 10 reps | 1
  6. Screening pain/discomfort during row | 1
  7. Offer your client a mat | 1
  8. Have client lie on their back on the floor with one leg extended straight and flat on the floor, the knee of the opposite leg should be bent and the foot flat | 1
  9. Explain to client the desired range-of-motion and target muscle activation | 1
  10. Have client place their hands hands palms down on the floor underneath the natural arch in their lower back | 1
  11. Have client slowly raise their head and shoulders off the floor without bending the lower back or spine | 1
  12. Hold this position for 7 to 10 seconds, then lower torso back to mat | 1
  13. Complete 3-5 repetitions | 1
  14. Screening pain/discomfort during crunch | 1
  15. Explain a stretch appropriate for a novice client that targets the muscles used in the row | 1
Walking Lunge
  1. Screen unloaded split squat mechanics on flat surface | 1
  2. Review stance and establish comfortable width | 1
  3. Discuss knee tracking and optimal range-of-motion | 1
  4. Discuss neutral spine and need for core stability | 1
  5. Establish non-dominant leg, cue client to start with that side | 1
  6. Stay in client line-of-sight while they move | 1
  7. Have client demonstrate unloaded walking lunge at least 8 reps (both legs) | 1
  8. Screen pain/discomfort | 1
  9. Establish effective working load, have client pick up the weight, get into position | 1
  10. Have client complete additional 8 reps (both legs) | 2
  11. Re-screen pain/discomfort | 1
  12. Include teaching point | 1
  13. Include teaching point | 1
  14. Include teaching point | 1
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  1. Set bench to proper position | 1
  2. Discuss neutral spine and proper posture | 1
  3. Explain how to get weights into start position | 1
  4. Discuss impact of grip (pronated vs. neutral) | 1
  5. Discuss optimal range-of-motion/not banging weights | 1
  6. Review safe spotting | 1
  7. Establish a warm-up load, have client complete at least 8 reps | 1
  8. Screen pain/discomfort | 1
  9. Establish effective working load, assist client getting weights into position | 1
  10. Have client complete additional 8-12 reps | 1
  11. Demonstrate proper spotting technique | 1
  12. Re-screen pain/discomfort | 1
  13. Include teaching point | 1
  14. Include teaching point | 1
  15. Include teaching point | 1
Seated Row
  1. Discuss neutral spine/proper posture | 1
  2. Review various grips (pronated vs. neutral vs. supinated) | 1
  3. Discuss impact of legs in retrieving/returning the handle | 1
  4. Discuss optimal range-of-motion | 1
  5. Discuss limiting momentum | 1
  6. Choose appropriate handle/grip | 1
  7. Establish a warm-up load, have client complete at least 8 reps | 1
  8. Ensure client is activating rhomboids/posterior deltoids and not just using biceps | 1
  9. Screen pain/discomfort | 1
  10. Establish effective working load, ensure client safely gets handle into position | 1
  11. Have client complete additional 8-12 reps | 1
  12. Re-screen pain/discomfort | 1
  13. Include teaching point | 1
  14. Include teaching point | 1
  15. Include teaching point | 1
Lat Pulldown
  1. Install bar safely | 1
  2. Ensure knee pad installed at correct height | 1
  3. Review proper posture/torso alignment | 1
  4. Discuss various grips (pronated vs. neutral vs. supinated) | 1
  5. Discuss limiting momentum | 1
  6. Review optimal range-of-motion | 1
  7. Establish a warm-up load, have client complete at least 8 reps | 1
  8. Ensure client is activating lats and not just using biceps | 1
  9. Screen pain/discomfort | 1
  10. Establish effective working load, have client complete additional 8-12 reps | 1
  11. Re-screen pain/discomfort | 1
  12. Remove bar safely | 1
  13. Include teaching point | 1
  14. Include teaching point | 1
  15. Include teaching point | 1
Lab 7 Practice Video
  1. Check this box | 5
  2. Do not check this box | 5
  3. Also check this box | 5
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Elevated Soleus Stretch[579]View ExerciseToe Raises[579]View ExerciseFoot Arch Towel Scrunch[579]View ExerciseClam Shell[579]View ExerciseDrinking | Bobbing Bird[579]View ExerciseTuck Jump[579]View ExerciseAgility Drills[579]View ExerciseHip Hike[579]View ExerciseHip Abduction Wall Holds[579]View ExerciseCorrective Step Up[579]View ExerciseSlams[579]View ExerciseKneeling Throw[579]View ExerciseBelly Press | Shoulder Internal Rotation[579]View ExerciseSide Lying Shoulder External Rotation[579]View ExerciseShoulder External Rotation | Arm at Side[579]View ExerciseShoulder Internal Rotation | Arm at 90[579]View ExerciseShoulder External Rotation | Arm at 90[579]View ExerciseShoulder Pendulum[579]View ExerciseScapulohumeral Rhythm Shoulder Press[579]View ExerciseScapular Push Up[579]View ExercisePlank Push Up[579]View ExerciseRetraction Row[579]View ExerciseWrist Curls[579]View ExerciseWrist Extension[579]View ExerciseWrist Hammer Twists[579]View ExerciseCircuit Training[579]View 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Overhead Squat[579]View ExerciseTRX Jump Squat[579]View ExerciseTRX Single Leg Squat[579]View ExerciseTRX Sprinter Starts[579]View ExerciseSandbag Shoulder Squat[579]View ExercisePush Up with Shoulder Taps[579]View ExerciseWrist Weight Row[579]View ExerciseWrist Weight Shoulder Press[579]View ExerciseChest PNF with partner and without partner[579]View ExerciseHip Flexor PNF with partner and without partner[579]View ExerciseQuadriceps PNF with partner and without partner[579]View ExerciseHamstrings PNF with partner and without partner[579]View ExerciseGastrocnemius and Soleus PNF with partner and without partner[579]View ExerciseGrip Strength[579]View ExercisePush-Up Test[579]View ExerciseVertical Jump Testing (Wall)[579]View ExerciseSeated Overhead Reach[579]View ExerciseBottoms Up Carry[579]View ExercisePredicted 1-RM Strength Test[579]View ExerciseSquat-to-Stand[579]View ExerciseLunge with Reach[579]View ExerciseSkinfolds (7-Site)[579]View ExerciseDowel Bird Dog[579]View ExerciseSport Training[579]View ExerciseSCAT3 Tandem Gait Assessment[579]View ExerciseSCAT3 Modified Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) Assessment[579]View ExerciseSCAT3 Finger-to-nose (FTN) Assessment[579]View ExerciseCunningham Faulkner | Modified Anaerobic Speed Test (mAST)[579]View ExerciseSled Push/Pull[579]View ExerciseSingle Stage Treadmill Jogging Test[579]View ExerciseFMS Deep Squat[579]View ExerciseFMS Hurdle Step[579]View ExerciseFMS Inline Lunge[579]View ExerciseDowel Hinge[579]View ExerciseScapular Wall Slide[579]View ExerciseForearm Plank Hold[579]View ExerciseFMS Shoulder Mobility[579]View ExerciseFMS Straight Leg Lift[579]View ExerciseFMS Trunk Stability Pushup[579]View ExerciseFMS Rotary Stability[579]View ExerciseRussian Twist[579]View ExerciseKneeling Side Toss[579]View Exercise1-arm row | unilateral[579]View ExerciseDouble Chin Stretch | Suboccipitals[579]View ExerciseAssault Bike | Airdyne[579]View ExerciseFly[579]View ExerciseSeated Lat Stretch[579]View ExerciseOlympic (Squat) Clean[579]View ExerciseMedicine Ball Deadlift[579]View ExerciseWall Ball[579]View ExerciseHip Abduction Bridge[579]View ExerciseClean and Jerk[579]View ExerciseFat Bar Grip Training[579]View ExerciseActive Hands Biceps Curl[579]View ExerciseStationary Bike[579]View Exercise