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Placement Feedback Expectations

I have reviewed the placement feedback form and understand I am required to submit mid-term and final feedback
The following describe a number of our core learning competencies for Fitness and Health Promotion.

  • Fitness assessment: Student utilizes best practice for pre-screening (e.g. PAR-Q, consent, and resting HR and BP) and assessment (e.g. aerobic, musculoskeletal, and body composition). Student properly interprets and shares health ratings with client.
  • Exercise prescription: Student properly integrates assessment results within program design. Student prescribes suitable aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises. Student includes a warm-up, cool-down and appropriate exercise progressions and regressions.
  • Behaviour Change: Student uses motivational language appropriate for client’s stage of change. Student uses open ended questioning and active listening to develop rapport with client. Student creates a positive environment for change.
  • Personal training: Student demonstrates and executes (including proper spotting and safety practices) exercises within client’s program. Student is motivating and engaging.
  • Group fitness: Student demonstrates good energy during class. Student presents clearly. Student provides exercise progressions and regressions to accommodate varying abilities within class. Student demonstrates safety best practices.
  • Health Promotion: Student displays an appreciation for the personal, social, economic and environmental factors which determine the health status of individuals or populations. Student contributes to a cause or event which positively impacts the health and well-being of a population or group.
  • Business Practices: Student contributes to basic marketing (e.g. newsletter creation, website upkeep and/or email communication) and sales. Student demonstrates introductory knowledge related to fees, budgeting and policy.
  • Health and Safety: Student implements safety and risk management best practices including: cleaning and infectious disease prevention, quality assurance equipment checks, documentation, confidentiality and incident reporting.

Using the core learning competencies/areas of specialization, please identify 3 goals, with anticipated completion timelines, the student will complete through this placement

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3