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Data Collection - Fitness Centre Hours

Data Collection - Fitness Centre Hours

Get the supervisor to sign off on your hours at the end of your shift

1. Assessment

Complete an InBody assessment on yourself and one other individual. Record your value here
How does this value compare to the handheld BIA value you obtained in class? Why might you have obtained a different number using this particular tool?

2. Assistance

Engage at least 2 members on the floor for the purpose of providing assistance. For each interaction:
  1. Obtain their name
  2. Explain why you approached them
  3. Outline what kind of assistance you provided
While out on the floor, participate in the sanitization efforts (i.e. wiping down equipment), as well as keeping the gym floor clean (i.e. reminding members to return their weights). If working the 8-10 PM shift, assist with the closing process.

Document the actions you participated in during your shift

3. Workout Creation

Design a small group conditioning workout to take place on the turf area. This workout must use equipment available in the Wellness Centre and take 30-45 minutes to complete.

You will build this workout using the lab website and submit your completed .pdf of the workout to the FOL submission folder.

4. Facility Feedback

Now that you've spent 2 hours walking through the facility, provide at least 1 suggestion for how the facility could be improved.

Keep in mind this facility operates on a budget, so don't suggest that every student should get access to unlimited personal training...
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