What Is Professionalism?

In this week’s lab, we are going to be reviewing the general expectations for labs in the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Fanshawe College.

What is a profession?

A calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.Merriam-Webster dictionary

In the FHP program, we are focused on becoming fitness professionals. As such, these lab experiences will help prepare you for a career as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, employee wellness coach, or fitness appraiser.

What is professionalism?

The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional personMerriam-Webster dictionary

Elements of Professionalism

To learn more about the elements that contribute to professionalism, please click on each of the toggles below:

Accountability is an essential component of success in the workforce. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you may be, if you do not regularly show up for work, then you won’t be employed for long.

As a result, regular attendance in all labs, is a fundamental expectation of the FHP program.

But attendance alone does not produce a quality fitness professional.

Accountability also involves regular participation in all lab-based activities, as well as monitoring your own-progress and learning. To that end, you will be regularly tracking your progress in each lab through the use of this website.

Looking the Part (i.e. dressing appropriately)
Professional Attire

As a fitness professional, it is important to always dress in a manner that allows you to perform physical activity, but still projects a professional demeanor.

The FHP Uniform

Required attire for all FHP labs consists of:

  • FHP t-shirt (available at the Fanshawe College bookstore) or polo
  • Athletic shorts and/or pants
  • FHP name tag
  • Clean, indoor running shoes

Hats and sweaters may be worn during labs, but are not considered appropriate during lab exams or client work.

Inappropriate attire

In addition, alterations to the uniform like cutting the sleeves, tying the front/side of the uniform are not permitted. Neither are excessively short shorts.

Specialized Knowledge
Industry Specific Knowledge

Part of becoming a fitness professional is acquiring and demonstrating profession-specific knowledge.

In our case, this is knowledge of best-practice and safe execution of activities relating to physical fitness and fitness facilities.

Throughout the course of your lab experiences, you will be asked to demonstrate this knowledge by completing short quizzes and tests.

Skills and Competencies
If knowledge relates to how much you know, competency relates to how well you can demonstrate, explain and teach this knowledge.

In each lab course, there is a target population you are learning to work with. Sometimes, your target population will be generally healthy adults. Other times it may be the elderly, individuals with a chronic health condition or even high-performing athletes.

You will be asked to demonstrate competency regularly throughout your labs by completing peer-evaluated practices, as well as periodic lab exams.

Honesty and Integrity
Honesty and Integrity
In most professions, you will spend your entire career building your reputation, however, it can take only a single negative incident to totally ruin your reputation for good.

Many of the lab activities you will participate in are going to consist of self-reporting that you have completed them. Given you are adults, we will take this to mean you have completed them as assigned.

In the event you are found to have made up your completion stats, this would be considered a case of academic dishonesty and would results in a student code of conduct.


Lab Behaviour Expecations

The Fitness Lab (C1047) is not intended for use without supervision. An approved Fitness and Health Promotion (FHP) technician and/or faculty member must be present at all times during its use.

Fitness (C1047) Lab Rules
  1. With the exception of water and shaker bottles, no food or drink will be allowed within the Fitness (C1047) Lab.
  2. Winter clothes, boots, outdoor shoes, and any other possessions unrelated to the Fitness Lab must be kept outside of the lab. Day lockers are available.
  3. An FHP shirt and appropriate athletic attire, including closed toe shoes should be worn when using the Fitness Lab.
  4. Safe use, including appropriate weight selection and proper form, of all equipment must be practiced within the Fitness Lab.
  5. All equipment must be returned to its original position after use.
  6. All equipment must be cleaned (i.e. wiped down with available spray solution and paper towels) after use.
  7. Horseplay and rowdy behavior is forbidden.
  8. Music must be pre-approved by an FHP technician and/or faculty member before playing. The music volume should not interfere with other learning environments within the area.

Failure to follow the above rules may result in removal from the Lab space.

** Reminder: No outdoor shoes allowed in lab **

Lab Participation and Infractions

It is a program expectation that you attend and participate in all labs for any given course.

Lab Infractions F.A.Q.
What happens if I missed a lab due to illness?
In the case where you are too ill to complete the lab on a given day, you will receive a grade of 0 for that lab.

If you email your lab professor(s) and are able to attend a different lab in the same week, you will be able to remove the lab infraction and earn back the participation grades.

Do I need a doctor's note if I am sick?
No you do not. If you tell us you were too sick to attend a lab, we believe you. It is still your responsibility to go through the learning material when you feel better.
My accommodation states that I may miss class/labs. Will I receive an infraction?
Yes. Unlike the classroom setting where the emphasis is on knowledge acquisition, the lab requires you to physically demonstrate a variety of skills. If you are not present, you will receive a grade of zero for that lab.

Please discuss an alternate solution/schedule with your professor(s) for how you can meet and demonstrate the learning objectives if attendance in your designated lab time is becoming a challenge.

The evaluation rubric for all FHP labs will be conducted according to the following rubric:

4: Excellent3: Good2: Satisfactory1: Poor
Excellent effort, on time, follows lab rules, full FHP uniform, brought required resources, active engagement in peer practice and debriefing sessions.Good effort, on time, mostly follows lab rules, missing one of required attire or resource elements, somewhat engaged.Average effort, missed less than 10 minutes, missing two or more of required attire or resource elements, mostly not engaged.Substandard effort, missed greater than 10 minutes, inappropriate attire, not following lab rules, unprepared, not engaged.

N.B. In the event that you miss a lab entirely, you will receive a 0 for non-participation.

For a particular course, you will see a record of any lab infractions you have accumulated by clicking on the lab infractions tab on the course homepage.