Lab 2: Getting Started with a Client

Lab Overview
Weekly Reminders

  1. After receiving a client, email client within 24 hours to introduce yourself
  2. Send client link to: client history form and Get Active Questionnaire
    1. Optional: informed consent forms
  3. Book your initial meeting time (should take place week of Oct 5th)
    1. Complete the assessment form
    2. Program design is due Tues, Oct 13th at 1:00 PM

Today’s Tasks

Working with a partner, you will:

  1. Schedule a meeting using Bongo. Make sure the audio is working
  2. Review the client assessment sheet.

Lab 1: Availability & Assessment

Lab Overview

Learning Objectives

  1. Review training expectations
  2. Review musculoskeletal testing protocols
  3. Review cardiovascular testing protocols
  4. Review anthropometric testing protocols
  5. Locate informed consent and incident report (see resources tab)

Lab Tasks

In this week’s lab, working with a partner you will be required to:

  1. Complete personal training preference form
  2. Go through informed consent and an incident report