PHRE 1045 – Resistance Training

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  1. Instruct client to stand with feet approximately shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly out.
  2. Discuss the importance of maintaining as erect a torso as possible (neutral spine).
  3. Instruct client to keep knees aligned with toes (knees don't collapse in)
  4. Discuss target ROM (squat until knees are bent below 90 degrees)
  5. Cue client to keep weight back (e.g.: weight over ankles or more towards heels than toes)
Resistance Training
  1. Mention the importance of maintaining as erect a torso as possible (neutral spine).
  2. Determine a stance length/width that should allow the client to be balanced.
  3. Discuss knee tracking
  4. Explain target range-of-motion (i.e. knees form a 90˚angle at the bottom of the movement.)
  5. Cue client to push off through the mid-foot of the lead leg
Resistance Training
  1. Stand with feet ~hip width apart, with a slight knee bend.
  2. Have client retract shoulder blades, maintain as erect a torso as possible.
  3. Explain grip options for barbell deadlift & optimal path of bar
  4. Explain target range-of-motion (i.e. torso parallel to ground)
  5. Observe movement through the hips and not the knees.
Resistance Training
  1. Discuss impact of pronated vs. supinated grip
  2. Explain set-up (one leg kneeling on bench, other leg far enough behind to allow proper movement of DB)
  3. Mention the importance of maintaining as erect a torso as possible (neutral spine).
  4. Explain target ROM, arm to remain tight to body
  5. Initiate movement with elbow flexion, ensuring adequate shoulder retraction.
Resistance Training
  1. Mention the importance and demonstrate the concept of neutral spine
  2. From the prone position, have client brace against forearms, with elbows positioned under the shoulders, legs fully extended and the toes pointed down to the floor
  3. Explain and cue engaging the core
  4. Have client attempt to hold position for at least 30 seconds
Resistance Training
Push Up
  1. Review start position: prone (facing down), hands on the floor under shoulders, elbows pointed out at no more than 45°, legs fully extended.
  2. Discuss neutral spine/need to keep torso rigid throughout the movement
  3. Discuss target ROM (lower the body by allowing the elbows to flex until chest is hovering 1-2″ above the ground).
  4. Review common errors
    1. Leading with chin/bum in air
    2. Letting hips sag
Resistance Training

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