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Course: PHRE 5003 – High Performance Training Movement Pattern: Target: Synergist(s):
Regressions: Progressions:

Equipment: Barbell

Generally, 1-RM testing is conducted on advanced lifters using compound (multi-joint) movements such as: squat, leg press, bench press, deadlift, power clean, snatch.

If you need to estimate a client’s 1-RM, use the calculator here: 1-RM Calculator

1-RM Warm-up Protocol

N.B. Have client spend 5-10 minutes warming up (combination general and dynamic is ideal).

  • Warm-up set 1: 10 repetitions at 50% 1RM. 1-2 minutes rest
  • Warm-up set 2: 5 repetitions at 70% 1RM. 2-3 minutes rest
  • Warm-up set 3: 3 repetitions at 80% 1RM. 2-4 minutes rest
  • Final warm-up set: 1 repetition at 90% 1RM. 2-4 minutes rest.

Testing Protocol

For loads above 90% of hypothetical 1-RM, look to increase by:

  • Upper body: 10-20 lbs (or 5-10%)
  • Lower body: 30-40 lbs (or 10-20%)

Use up to three attempts (and not more than 5) to determine actual 1 RM with 2-4 min rest between each effort.

If an athlete fails on a lift, give them 2-4 minutes rest and re-attempt the lift by decreasing the load (from the failed attempt):

  • Upper body: 5-10 lbs (or 2.5-5%)
  • Lower body: 30-40 lbs (or 5-10%)
Common Error(s):
Spotting: 2 person spotting
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